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Samsung Galaxy Nexus S reviews

Currently a growing number of people are searching for a modern and great smartphone that can enhance their multimedia experience, whenever and wherever. This is quality hard to find in the models available on the market today but with the right set of information you will understand why Samsung Nexus S smartphone represents a great option. Embedded with the Google expertise and powered by the strong Android 2.3 Gingerbread with a 1 GHz Humminbird processor, Samsung Nexus has all the properties to provide and maintain a close relation with user, through quality and high performance. Most of the current Samsung Nexus S smartphone reviews, conducted on basic functionality and extended features applicability, showed that the device delivers great results with no lag or any other restrictive factors. Samsung Nexus S has a thin-profile contour that gives the model a unique slim and trim size, making it perfect to hold in your hand.

Furthermore the smartphone comes with the Super AMOLED contour display that maintains bright and high-contrast images, incredibly vibrant and worthy to bestow every time you read something on a website, magazine or simply watch a movie. The model includes Wireless N Wi-Fi networking plus 3G Mobile Hotspot support for Near Field Communications that permits the user to connect to the internet with ease and no restrictions at all.

A growing number of the present Samsung Nexus S smartphone customer reports underline the fluid functionality experienced even thou multiple applications were opened. The Nexus S has a rear-facing 5-megapixel camera and a front-facing camera that allows easy video calls, chats and photos. In addition to this technological structure the model has an assisted GPS system which makes it great for navigation and location-based services. You can talk on the Samsung Nexus S for 6 hours straight without interruptions. Furthermore the model comes with an intelligent call routing and advanced systems like call screening, blocking and recording.

One particular feature described in most of the Samsung Nexus S smartphone reviews, is the clean and refined interface that comes with new icons, enhanced notification bar and also an intuitive navigation which permits the user to control better all the options of the model. This is the reason so many people recommend this smartphone to friends and families and thus enter in the Google multimedia family.