Choose the Best French Door Refrigerator from Samsung


1.Samsung RF31FMEDBSR Stainless Steel French Door RefrigeratorBenefits

Designed with an extra roomy interior, this model is truly the best French door refrigerator from Samsung.

Food is always kept fresh in the refrigerator.

The FlexZone Drawer allows effortless organization of food items.

Easily spot what you need so you can get it in a snap from inside the Energy Efficient refrigerator.

The modern design makes this model a perfect addition to any modern kitchen.



At least two Samsung RF31FMEDBSR Stainless Steel French Door Refrigerator reviews say the ice making capacity of this model is subpar.


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Benefits Explained

This is undoubtedly the best French door refrigerator to get if you enjoy eating fresh produce all the time. Perfect for large families and those who love cooking and entertaining, the Samsung Stainless Steel French Door Refrigerator is distinguished by its exclusive Twin Cooling Plus System that ensures food is kept fresh with two independent airflows for the freezer and fridge sections. The air inside the refrigerator is maintained at high, near-commercial grade humidity levels, which prevents the quick spoilage of perishable fruits and vegetables. The cooler, drier freezer air ensures less freezer burn so frozen food will taste better even after it’s been stored inside.

French door refrigerator - SPR 10top

The Samsung RF31FMEDBSR Stainless Steel French Door Refrigerator is equipped with more space inside yet carries the same external dimensions as a regular model. Boasting a total capacity of 31 cubic feet, the French door refrigerator provides ample food storage space to hold as many as 31 bags of groceries. Produce is kept fresh in the two humidity-controlled crispers. The three-way shelf flips up or slides up to reveal even more space for storage. The refrigerator is also outfitted with six clear door bins, along with three regular-size bins on the left and three one-gallon bins on the right door. There’s plenty of room to accommodate your party platters, favorite drinks and leftovers.


Organizing the stored food is easy thanks to the FlexZone Drawer that also keeps the temperature at optimum storage level to keep the food items fresh. The adjustable smart divider on the FlexZone allows you to create compartments with four separate temperature zones for meat, snacks, drinks and party dishes. The EZ-Open handle on the FlexZone drawer enables effortless opening even when the drawer is filled to capacity. The FlexZone drawer is designed with a counter-height location so children can retrieve their favorite snacks without requiring assistance.



The French door refrigerator is equipped with high-efficiency LED lighting in both the freezer and the fridge sections so every corner is amply illuminated, allowing easy view of the contents and easy retrieval of the item you want to get. The LED lights have a space-saving style and give off less heat compared to regular incandescent bulbs, making them an energy-efficient choice. The Cool Tight door shuts with a secure seal to further conserve energy. The handy alarm warns you when the door is kept open too long or if it’s not closed properly. The Energy Star rated refrigerator is also Consortium for Energy Efficiency (CEE) Tier 2 listed, proof of the cost efficiency of this appliance.


You’ll love the stainless steel body of the refrigerator that ensures resilience against rust and chipping. The French doors boast a modern design. The tempered glass shelves are built solid to accommodate a variety of food items. The large pullout freezer enables easy retrieval of items. The stainless steel accents on the door bins and interior shelving go really well with the exterior to create a sleek and streamlined look.



The Samsung RF31FMEDBSR Stainless Steel French Door Refrigerator is engineered with a space saving design that utilizes more room to store your food items. The water dispenser mounted externally provides filtered water so you won’t have to open the door just to enjoy a cool drink. The indicator light alerts you when the filter needs replacement, ensuring that the water is always fresh and clean. This refrigerator comes with advanced features that make it a great addition to any modern kitchen.


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