Samsung RF4287HARS reviews


Samsung RF4287HARS customer reports


Samsung RF4287HARS reviewsIf you have a large household and you are looking for a good refrigerator to purchase, the rest of this Samsung RF4287HARS review will be helpful in ending up with a well-informed decision. This is a 4-door refrigerator that will provide you with more than enough space for your needs for chilled or frozen foods.

In many Samsung RF4287HARS customer reports that were written in the past, several features have been highlighted and have been noted as the main reasons on why its users have been satisfied with its use. Among others, one of the most notable would be the presence of the FlexZone drawer that is located at the middle of the unit. Its incorporation in the design of the product is seen as being beneficial because it has its own temperature, which is different from the other compartments. It also has a height that is just right for all the counters in the kitchen.


More so, another significant feature of this product is the Smart Divider. With this, the drawer of the ref is divided into four differ parts, giving you enough space for all that you want to be stored. The best part is that the size of the drawers can be customized based on what you intend to keep inside.

The use of LED lighting is another feature that is worth mentioning. This does not just allow the presence of adequate lighting for the whole unit, but it also makes it more efficient in terms of energy consumption. If you are familiar with LED, you will know that it is an economical choice as it uses less electricity compared to other types of lighting. Another good thing about LED is that is produces less heat.

This Samsung RF4287HARS review will also give emphasis on the Twin Cooling Plus System. This allows the separation of the different sections of the unit, making it possible for the moisture and odor on one part to be not transferred on the other parts of the ref.

Power Freeze and Power Control are also good features of thus unit. This will prove to be useful if you need something to be cooled in an urgent manner. For instance, your friends suddenly decided to crash in your house. With this function, you do not have to wait for a long time to cool a bottle of wine that can be enjoyed by the whole group.

It is also important to note that no matter how heavy the contents are inside the drawer, you will not have any problem or difficulty in having it opened. This is made possible by the presence of an EZ-Open Handle.

In sum, if you still have not made up your mind with the model of a ref to purchase, this product is definitely worth giving consideration. It is one option that you will not regret, as proven by the high rating that has been provided in many Samsung RF4287HARS customer reports.