Most appreciated 65 inch 4K TV from Samsung


Experience 4K Ultra high definition pictures!

Who doesn’t love to watch movies and TV-shows in high definition? Well, according to recent statistics it seems that millions of Americans are going out of their way to create a vibrant visual experience right in the privacy of their home. This is why Samsung dedicated millions of dollars in research in order to develop a high quality viewing experience unlike anything the public ever seen. After years of studies and technical development, Samsung managed to bring to life something special, stolen out of Sci-fi literature: 4K Ultra HD TVs. Out of the models presented by Samsung with 4K resolution one in particular should find its way in your home: UN65F9000.

Samsung UN65F9000 review

Searching for the best 65 inch 4K TV is now over: prepare to learn more about UN65F9000, a model that simply delights through vibrant and crystal clear images and smooth videos, anytime you want! This TV has an ultra-slim design, incorporating SMART features, which help you control every phase of the viewing experience. You have the possibility to talk to it, saying commands like “What drama movies are on”, “stop”, “record”, “next channel”, “turn on”, “turn off” and many more. This advanced TV features the new and intuitive Smart Hub, a powerful central and easy to navigate hub that brings all your favourite content to your fingertips. You have the possibility to use various gestures in order to use applications, play interesting games and many other multimedia features. Furthermore the TV features the new Smart Evolution Kit that updates the TV, with new software each month. The ever-changing world of technology will be present in your life automatically!


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Samsung UN65F9000 reviewSMART TV!

As one of the best 65 inch 4K TV from Samsung, UN65F9000 will certainly redefine the way you see movies, TV-shows, concerts or play games. Use the Smart Touch Remote to receive various TV recommendations and thus remain in close connection with what’s trending. All you need to do is swipe and navigate through the 5 Smart Hub content panels to discover that you like with ease.

Samsung 4K Ultra HD Smart TV!

Are you ready to take entertainment to the next level? Well, if you are then press play and watch in ground-breaking resolution of 4K Ultra high-definition. This advanced Smart TV gives you the possibility to enjoy quality pictures and smooth videos, enhancing the whole viewing experience. It’s time to see movies, TV-shows, documentaries and games in a brilliant high definition frame! In addition to the beautiful design, UN65F9000 incorporates Quad Core processor that gives you extra juice when you browse around the internet and access thousands of applications. Furthermore this high quality Smart TV maintains a smooth interaction between content and user, creating a close connection with heightened visual pleasure. Now, that sounds pretty interesting no?


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