Most Appreciated Hybrind Bike from Schwinn


1) Schwinn Discover Women's Hybrid BikeBenefits

This is undoubtedly the best women’s hybrid bike due to the aluminum city frame that ensures easy riding.

The Schwinn Discover Women’s Hybrid Bike ensures reliable stopping power.

The padded saddle provides rider comfort.

The rider stays in an upright position on this hybrid bike.

Get superior response from the rear derailleur as well as the 21-speed SRAM grip shifters.



One of the Schwinn Discover hybrid bike reviews says the bike may be a bit tall for some people.


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Benefits Explained

  • The aluminum frame of this best hybrid bike from Schwinn not only contributes to the affordability of the unit but also gives the bike a naturally low weight. Unlike standard steel frames, the aluminum frame is not prone to rust, so the bike is low-maintenance. The thicker tube walls are an advantage because of the low sway that ensures greater stability and more speed when sprinting.

1) Schwinn Discover Women's Hybrid Bike

  • This women’s comfort bike is built with ProMax linear pull brakes that ensure dependable stopping power every time. The bike is perfect for cruising down a leisurely path or for commuting to work. The brakes are quickly activated with a single pull, keeping the rider safe and giving peace of mind. This also ensures safety to others on the road or trail.


  • The padded saddle ensures comfort to the rider even when navigating rough terrain. The padded saddle also offers easy riding for problem-free rolling during the ride. Made for riders 14 and up, the Schwinn Discover Women’s Hybrid Bike is outfitted with a fender and a rear gear carrier where the rider can hold items during the ride, freeing the hands to control the bike. The suspension seat post ensures superior absorption of pressure during the entire ride.


  • The swept-back upright handlebar places the rider in a more natural position that allows the execution of technical maneuvers and also making it easier to lift the front wheel when clearing trail obstacles. They also offer greater stability during descents. Sweeping back towards the rider, the handlebars are outfitted with handle grips that are made to point more towards the back than to the sides, giving the rider easy control while maintaining a comfortable riding position.


  • The Schwinn suspension fork makes for a plusher ride when going off road. The Schwinn alloy crank works well with the suspension fork to ensure sufficient cushioning and absorption of impact, so navigating rough patches is never a problem. The 21-speed SRAM grip shifters ensure easy control. The Shimano rear derailleur carries out double tasks. It moves the chain between the rear sprockets and takes up the chain slack, sometimes doubling as a chain tensioner as well. This provides remarkable control when shifting gears so the rider is always one with the bike. The suspension fork also ensures optimal bike response.



Riders who are 14 and up will surely love their biking experience on the Schwinn Discover Women’s Hybrid Bike. This bike is built for comfort thanks to the suspension seat post and padded saddle. Designed for remarkable control during the ride, the bike has a Schwinn suspension fork for absorption of impact on any terrain. The handlebars ensure a natural upright position. The bike offers an awesome riding experience.


Buy from Amazon for ($285.95)