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Sennheiser IE 8 reviewsIf you are looking forward to buying new earphones, this Sennheiser IE 8 review will provide you with insights on one possible option amidst the multitude of choices that are currently available in the marketplace. This article will identify both the pros and the cons to help you come up with a well-informed decision.

Among the good things about this specific model of earphones, one that has been commonly cited in many Sennheiser IE 8 customer reports would be being the first within the product category to have continuously variable bas response adjustment within each of the earpieces.

In addition, another good thing that has been highlighted is the removable cables in the earphones. With this, you can have the option of changing the cables when you found a better alternative, or when the cable is no longer functioning as it is anticipated.

It is also common for many users of this specific model of earphones to commend its ergonomic design, which is perhaps one of the most important things that should be considered when evaluating all possible options. The ergonomic design is important because it will make sure that you will feel the highest level of comfort even if it is plugged on your ears for a long time. One of the things that made such possible is the inclusion of different sizes of ear tips, which are available in small, medium, and large, to make sure that it will be comfortably fitted on any ear type.

To protect your earphones from unnecessary elements and from damages that can negatively affect its performance, it is also a good thing that this product comes with a durable case that has pleasing aesthetics.

However, this Sennheiser IE 8 review will also point out some of the common complaints of the users of this specific model of earphones. For instance, it is common for users to complain about the price. Many have felt that they could have ended up with a better sound quality given the price range of thus unit.

More so, another common complaint is related to the design of the ear clips. Although there were some who were happy with the fact that they come in variable size and could fit in different ear types, many have also complained that you can easily lose them as they do not have a tight grip on the ear, especially if it is used along with the shirt clip.

The jacks are plated with nickel, and such is also another limitation of this model. Given the price, the manufacturers could have opted with gold plating instead, as such can prove to be better in terms of improving the quality of audio from its source.

Given the pros and cons that were identified in this review, the decision is now yours to make as to whether or not you should purchase this model. If you need more help, you can consult various Sennheiser IE 8 customer reports to help you out make a decision.