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Sennheiser PC 360 reviewsFor people who love playing games in their computer, it is only sensible to invest on headphones that do not only deliver first class audio quality but also offers maximum comfort. With this, it is only right to be discerning on headphones, especially now that there are a lot of new models and brands coming out in the market. Reading and going through various product reviews, such as this one, is definitely a good way to source out and see what particular headphone fits you as they provide much information and firsthand insight on a specific device or product. In this article, we will give you a brief Sennheiser PC 360 review as we discuss its features and specifications. We hope that with this article, we can help you land the best headphone choice for you.

Since the brand Sennheiser has been around in headphones industry, you can expect nothing less than an excellent sound quality from Sennheiser PC 360. Its open backed design helped in providing better sound quality compared to the traditional and ordinary closed backed headphones. It has deep and rich bass and clearly defined mid range. Added to that, Sennheiser PC 360 also features crisp and sweet treble. With all these, surely, you are able to enjoy fuller sounds. However, one drawback of this particular headphone is that it does not support 3D sound. You may get a little bit of 3D effect with simple stereo separation, but won’t let you distinguish incoming sounds with much accuracy. So if you prioritize this feature, it is best to look for a headphone that specifically has this offering.

When it comes to design, the Sennheiser PC 360 also knows how to position itself. As said, this particular headphone features an open backed design that does not only help bring better sound quality, but also provides outmost comfort. This lets you have ample airflow in your ears, leaving them relaxed. This is definitely an important consideration, especially to those who play on extended hours. Aside from that, Sennheiser PC 360 has velvet like padding on the earcups and the bottom so you won’t feel any pain or ear cramps even when you play for hours. One downside of this headphone is that it is not wireless. Though, it comes with 15 feet of wire, which is definitely more than enough for an average user to freely move around.

Overall, the Sennheiser PC 360 has its share of advantages and short comings. But its first class design and sound quality can make up for whatever it is this headphone is lacking. According to many Sennheiser PC 360 customer reports, this particular model is very comfortable so it is perfect for anyone who plays for long hours. It is also very easy to set up and use. All in all, for its price range, the Sennheiser PC 360 gets an easy recommendation.