Shark Navigator Lift Away reviews



Shark Navigator Lift Away customer reports


Shark Navigator Lift Away reviews

Lift out every dirt at your home with Shark Navigator Lift-Away Vacuum Cleaner, one of the best rated vacuum cleaner in just an affordable price. Read more about this Shark Navigator Lift-Away review to know more.

The Shark Navigator Lift Away is both an upright vacuum and a canister vacuum and it can clean bare floors, carpeted areas, furniture and draperies. It comes with an assortment of the typical attachments including crevice tools and a pet hair “turbo power brush”.

What’s more is that it is a “bagless” vacuum and it has a sealed system which means that unlike the typical sweeper, 99.9% of dust and allergens can be trapped inside compared to the dirt that are being expelled or circulated through the air when sweeping.

The design and build of the vacuum is simple. The motor, filters, and dust bin all sit above the vacuum head. There’s also a large red floor nozzle button that by merely depressing it, the canister can be detached which allows the user to carry it by hand to be able to vacuum harder to reach areas.

The vacuum head is 11 inches wide and has a cord with a length of 25 feet. This cord wraps alongside the handle using large clips to hold it in place.

To tilt the handle back for the purpose of vacuuming, a simple step on the back of the head while pushing forward is needed. Buttons to release the stretch hose, the handle, and so forth, are easy to locate as they are very large, red, and well marked.

The filters are washable (1x/mo) and should not have to be replaced. The belts are likewise warranted and there are no bags to replace as well. All in all, I would predict that the Shark Navigator Lift Away should also eliminate the typical ongoing costs associated with these appliances.

The vacuum has a narrower vacuum head and even though you can’t cover as much area with one stroke, it offers the advantage of being able to sweep in tighter quarters such as tight corners.

Of course a quiet vacuum that reduces the physical burden of sweeping. It also does not make unnecessary noises that might annoy people. It might wake the baby or disturb someone who’s studying.

Shark Navigator Lift Away Vacuum Cleaner Specifics and Features

–          “bagless” vacuum

–          vacuum head : 11 inches wide 1.5 inches high

–          cord length: 25 feet

–          appliance weight: 12 pounds

–          Brush Roll On, Bare Floor, Off Settings

–          Lightweight

–          Washable filters

–          Narrow vacuum head

According to the Shark Navigator Lift-Away customer reports, this vacuum has greatly helped and thus satisfied the customers with its great features at an affordable price.