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Shark Navigator Lift Away reviewsDo you need a new vacuum at home? The new Shark Navigator may just be the one you need to keep your home clean at all times. Read this Shark Navigator Lift Away review to learn more about its features.
If you want a vacuum that’s light and you can easily carry around with you to clean other areas in your home, the Shark Navigator is the right one for you.

It is light and powerful enough to clean wherever it is needed. Unlike other vacuums, the Shark Navigator does not have a bag to collect dirt. Instead, it uses the canister system to contain the dirt which can hold up to 3 quarts. For best cleaning power, it is recommended to empty the canister when it is already holding up to 1.2 quarts of dirt. If you would like to finish vacuuming though before emptying, you can do so without affecting its cleaning features.

What many Shark Navigator Lift Away customer reports like about the vacuum is that it uses a high-technology system of spinning the air to ensure that the dirt remains high in the canister and away from the filters. This process also helps the vacuum sustain its powers as it cleans and prevents the clogging of the filtration system. The Navigator’s sealed system is able to keep up to 99.9% of dust and allergens trapped inside. The Shark Navigator has also been certified by the British Allergy Foundation for its effectiveness in getting rid of allergens from the home.

A great feature of this vacuum is that it is able to maintain the exact same power when you separate the canister and the upright base. It only weighs around 12.5 pounds making it light and easy to use. If you remove the canister, it will get even lighter and weigh just 7.5 pounds. While this still makes it a bit heavier than handheld vacuums, you will definitely like its additional power.

The Shark Navigator Lift Away comes with 10 year warranty which covers all failures due to defects in both materials and workmanship that the consumer experienced during normal household use. The box also comes with Lifetime Belt and Lifetime Filters which are set of items that will help keep your operating costs low. The filters have been designed so that you will not need to replace it during the vacuum’s lifestyle. The belt is protected by an electronic shutoff system which can detect blockage. This is helpful as blockage is one of the most common failures of vacuums.

You may want to check out online retail stores to get a good deal for the Shark Navigator. It is best to compare the prices to find the best deal.