What Is the Highest Rated Fishing Reel from Shimano


2. Shimano Calcutta 400B Casting ReelBenefits

The 400B Baitcasting reel is easily the best fishing reel from Shimano Calcutta due to the Cold Forged Aluminum Frame, Aluminum Side plates and Aluminum Spool.

The onboard Variable Brake System ensures adjustability and increased distance.

The baitcasting reel is easy to use even when conditions are extreme.

The device is built with SV Power Paddles that ensure reliable fishing power.

The fishing implement offers versatility of use both in freshwater and in saltwater conditions.



One of the Shimano Calcutta 400B baitcasting reel reviews says the unit’s star drag could be made to be a bit better, but the metal construction proves to be more than enough for its designed application.


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Benefits Explained

  • The Shimano Calcutta 400B is the best baitcasting reel you can get for the price thanks to the ability of the tool to provide outstanding smoothness. It comprises specially treated stainless steel ball bearings that come with at least ten times more corrosion resilience compared to standard stainless steel ball bearings. Reel in your catch without worrying about getting stuck during the process with the strong and capable components of this exceptional baitcasting reel.

1. Shimano Calcutta 400B Casting Reel

  • The Shimano Calcutta 400B is engineered with the revolutionary Variable Brake System that utilizes centrifugal force instead of magnets to assist in controlling the cast. This ensures increased distance as well as adjustability.


  • The Septon-coated handle grip material remains soft to the touch and ensures a strong, secure hold even when wet. The one-way roller bearing, called the Super Stopper, eliminates backplay so hooksets are always solid. Get a wide range of drag settings plus gliding Shimano drag performance with the Dartainium Drag material. Just undo the three thumb screws to remove the side plate easily during maintenance or for adjusting the VBS brake weights, ensuring a Quick Take Down.


  • Fishing power remains consistently strong thanks to the SV Power Paddles, which are large paddle grips that deliver extra fish fighting power when battling feisty catches. The moving parts are consistently kept in precise alignment thanks to the strong metal frames. The back-up anti-reverse system works to minimize the stress placed on the one-way roller bearing, increasing durability. The drilled spool system reduces the spool weight due to drilling, effectively lowering the start-up inertia to ensure more manageable casts.


  • Thanks to the drilled crossbar, the weight of the reel is readily reduced. When the fish bites, a clicking alarm is activated with the increase of the tension by the clicker. Use various fishing techniques via the power handles. Customers love how the Shimano Calcutta 400B can be used for both saltwater and freshwater fishing. It has been rated for use with PowerPro, Fluorocarbon and mono lines.



Approved for use in Saltwater fishing, the Shimano Calcutta 400B allows you to reel in feisty species easily. The device also makes a good freshwater fishing implement and boasts high-quality components that ensure lasting used, resistance to corrosion and durability. The Septon-coated handle grip offers a secure and easy hold. The strong metal frame keeps the moving parts in constant alignment for strength and confident casts.


Buy from Amazon for ($217.65)