Shimano Calcutta B reviews


Shimano CT400B customer reports


Shimano CT400B reviewsPeople who are into fishing would be impressed with the Shimano CT400B. This reel has a simple yet elegant design that would make it a great item to have for anglers of all ages. Read this Shimano CT400B review to learn more about its design and features.

Calcutta has long been a favorite among anglers. It has a good reputation for quality and value making it one of the best choices of reels in the market. The Shimano CT400B has a simplistic design as well as new features that redefine it from other reels in the Calcutta line. By adding the latest technology, it promises a better and smoother angling experience.

The new design stays true to its straightforward and chic form. Shimano is planning on releasing 10 new models over the course of the year. These 10 new Shimano reels will provide users with upgraded light line capabilities.

The new CT400B has eliminated the complaint that many people have about the original which is the difficulty of changing brake settings in the field. The original Calcutta reels require anglers to remove the spool so as to access the brakeweights. However, the new CT400B has an easy access sideplate which is similar to the TE’s. This allows anglers to adjust the VBS system fast. It is important to note that this feature is available only in 100 and 200 sizes. The CT400B reels also have the popular Septon grips which make angling more comfortable as it is soft to the touch and don’t get slippery when wet.

Many Shimano CT400B customer reports like its new features and more specific applications. Its added technology and refinement are great. The increase in price is less than 30 dollars which is why many anglers think this is definitely worth getting. There are some people who say that it might be more popular among the younger generation but there’s no reason why older anglers would not want to use it. This is because although its features have been enhanced, it still has its original unpretentious round design which has made it popular among anglers of different ages.

It is a great Christmas gift for friends and family who are into fishing. Instead of buying it personally at stores, you may want to check out online retail stores as you might find a good deal for it. Many online stores will be going on sale in time for the holidays so you might get it at a lower price. It will also be more convenient for you as the item will be shipped to your home for free or a minimal fee depending on the online store.