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Sierra designs Polar tunnel reviewsFor people who like going on extreme winter expeditions, getting a good tent is extremely advisable. Aside from being spacious, you should also take into account the tent’s abilities to protect you from the harsh winter environment. One tent that you might want to consider is the Sierra designs Polar tunnel. This tent provides enough space to house in four people and storage for your gears. In this Sierra designs Polar tunnel review article, we will lay down to you all the important features and specifications of this tent so that you can have an idea whether this particular tent model fits your adventure needs.

The Sierra designs Polar tunnel is designed to specifically to withstand tough and nasty weather conditions, which is why this is particularly good choice for those who are going on winter expeditions.

In some cases, when people go on a trip, they end up protecting the tent, instead of it protecting them as it cannot hold up with the weather. With the Sierra designs Polar tunnel, you can be sure that you are protected (and not the other way around) as it features a 70D nylon body and a 40D HT nylon fly. These help the tent to fight off extreme cold temperature and high winds. More so, this tent also takes into account the interior environment. Its dye-free white canopy transmits light inside the tent that provides a more pleasant indoor atmosphere. It also has air vents so that the air can circulate, providing comfortable air levels inside the tent.

The Sierra designs Polar tunnel also provides a spacious area for sleeping and gear storage. It offers 70.5 square feet of sleeping space, which is enough for four people to have a cosy slumber. This tent model also has two vestibules which can be used for gear storage. And since this tent is made for trips and expeditions, its packed weight is 14 pounds and 11 ounces, which is still considered much more light compared to other tents of this class.

All in all, the Sierra designs Polar tunnel is a good choice for a tent when going on winter expeditions. Many Sierra designs Polar tunnel customer reports attest on its ability to protect and withstand the toughest and harshest weather conditions. Its material and design is very well thought out to provide outmost protection and comfort to its users. So if you are on the hunt for a tent that you can use on next trip, the Sierra designs Polar tunnel is definitely worth checking out. On the other hand, if you think this tent model does not satisfy your adventure needs, there are still a lot of other tent alternatives of the same class that you can check.