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Singer 7256 reviewsSinger is the most prestigious and trusted name in the world of modern sewing machines. This brand has been established for a few centuries and these days the word “Singer” is known as a synonym for the superlative sewing machines. The reason behind the high reputation of their products is unmatchable quality and reasonable prices. The Singer 7256 fashion mate is a fresh addition to the products list of Singer. In this Singer 7256 review you will get the information about its different characteristics and specifications.

Basically this model is an upgrade to its predecessor which is known as Singer 7466. The exterior of the 7256 is designed so differently that is why it is quite difficult to find anything that look identical in these two models. Most of the users love the feature set and easy controls, while the other enhancements helped this product a lot in earning the Best Buy award. We can easily conclude from the high marks and various positive Singer 7256 customer reports that maybe we find a product of singer that always reminds us why this producer is the standard for the home sewing machines.

In terms of functionality and usability the Singer 7256 is a great machine. It consists of top class computerized control which is used to operate the different functions with full ease. To be précised, it has four buttons surrounded by an LCD screen. This kind of layout is very popular on too many sewing machines because it is easy to learn, intuitive, and also helps in changing settings and stitch selections quickly. Despite of simple operation, there are also lots of built-in features that allows its users to do all the routine tasks and threading works as trouble free as possible.

The exterior body of 7256 is made from the highest quality plastic and its interior housing is manufactured by using metal. Its frame is sturdy and hard but can be easily placed in a sewing machine cabinet in order to support and help your large projects of fabrication. The stitch selection in 7256 is just great for making hemming, clothes or for any sort of alternations in your existing wardrobe. A person is able to select the different stitching options such as neat stippling stitch which is usually used to make a crazy design on the clothes and quilts.

Its zigzag stitch is also very popular which can be modified up to 7mm in width and up to 6mm in length. The machine also features four types of snap-on foot presser that include buttonhole foot, general purpose (zigzag), blind stitch foot and satin stitch foot. With a modernized look and a large number of easy to use features, the Singer 7256 is a nice option at reasonable prices.