SKIL 3540-02 customer reports


SKIL 3540-02 reviews

The SKIL 3540-02 for sale is a unit that measures 7 inches, it is a wet tile saw that provides a bevel up to a maximum of 45⁰ that’s why it can give the users several choices on which cuts will be appropriate for a specific job.  This SKIL 3540-02 review aims to provide the consumer with all the information about the product so that you will be able to decide is this unit is the most suitable for your needs.

When it comes to the unit’s table SKIL 3540-02 is fitted to a tabletop that is stainless steel. This will enable the unit to become corrosion – resistant which is good for the maintenance. Furthermore, this particular model comes with a rip fence that is adjustable also with a miter gauge or measurement that allow the user to work and produce more precise cuts. These features and more makes SKIL 3540-02 ratings higher than the other models in the market.

When it comes to the unit’s blade – it has a superior quality 7” diamond blade. It provides depth up to a maximum of one 90 degree,  3/8 inch and 45 degrees , 1 inch. If you choose this product, you will be offered with a blade guard that comes with a variety of blade wrenches. Furthermore, this particular unit of Skil which is known for its high quality products that features a 5/8” arbor. This particular tool is run by a 4.2 amp powered motor, this motor will allow the blade to spin up to a no load speed of approximately 3600 rpm.

There is actually a pool or reservoir that can store the water that will assist in cooling the blade. This cooled water will also assist in decreasing the amount of debris and dust that can spread on the job site while you’re doing some work, making the SKIL 3540-02 deals popular to consumers.

This unit has a bevel that has a range from 1 – 45 degrees. This will provide you to create different kinds of cuts. It also comes with bevel stops situated at 0 to 45 degrees.

When it comes to its design, this unit has a measurement of 14” (length) and 13.25” (width) and it weighs around 18 lbs. so the portability is great that you can move it around without any hassles. And this particular unit has a one- year warranty.

And because of all the features and it is made by one of the most trusted bands in tools which is SKIL, then the consumer can expect nothing less than excellence. Finally, Skill 3540-02 is run by a powerful motor that has 4.2 amp that provides a max no-load speed of 1600 rpm, making it one of the best models in the market today.