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Sleep Innovations 12-inch customer reports


Sleep Innovations 12-inch reviewsThe Sleep Innovations is an A rated brand (rated by BBB) is offering mid and entry level mattress foams which are made in the United States of America. Most of its models are comprised of memory foam of low density. Generally the density of their memory foam is around 2.5 to three inches, probably along with an extra layer of foam support. Based on more than 1,250 Sleep Innovations 12-inch customer reports, nearly 79% of the owners of this foam are totally satisfied with its overall performance. The more of expensive models of Sleep innovations have depicted better longevity and durability at some extent as compare to the foam mattresses which are less expensive. On average the consumers of these foams should not expect their lifespan more than a seven year.

Moreover, at least 14% of its owners have complained of excessive softening, loss of support and significant sagging within the three years of its purchase. The percentage of these reports are slightly higher than the mattress foams of other brands which are available at similar prices. However, the good side of Sleep Innovations foams is that they are mainly praised because of their pain relieving and comfort abilities and only 10 to 15% of its users report that the mattresses of this brand causes back pain. The rest of its owners say it is soft or sometimes even excessively soft.

The foam used in the mattresses of Sleep Innovations is austerely to moderate temperature and weight sensitive that normally results in fairly limited molding and contouring to the body. Therefore, ultimately these mattresses offer a little more conventional feel to their users if you compare them some other more expensive memory foam markets which are available in the market. Almost all of its users tend to state that they do not submerge a lot into the bed, which means these mattresses are easy to move on. Another great feature which is revealed from the Sleep Innovations 12-inch Review is their motion isolation ability. With the help of this feature a person can get up or move from the bed with minimal or no disturbance to its partner.

The mattresses also stay quiet whenever compressed or lied on. In other words, they do not produce any kind of infuriating sound. However, one downside of Sleep Innovations memory mattresses is that they are designed for only one side sleeping. So, there is no flipping and rotating. It is hard to handle and move these mattresses especially for a single person, since their weight is about average with respect to the foam mattresses. The Sleeping Innovations is offering a 20 year warranty for their memory mattresses which obviously above average as compare the products of other brands with similar price tags.