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Softech DL-90B reviewsIf you are looking for a lamp that you can out up in your study or bedroom, then you may want to check out Softech DL-90B. This particular lamp model claims to provide the best and most appropriate lighting conditions in a room, without the harsh UV radiation. However, before heading to your favourite local store, it is definitely advisable to research various product reviews first, such as this one, so you would know what to expect. This is definitely a big help to make an informed, which will prevent you from disappointing purchase. In this article, we will give you a brief Softech DL-90B review. We will discuss its features and specifications so you can decide whether this particular lamp model suits what you need.

One feature that truly distinguishes Softech DL-90B from other lamps of the same class is its four distinct light spectrums. With this, you are offered four mode options so you can choose what suits your mood or need. For those who want to read, the reading mode is more than perfect. It stimulates concentration and reduces eye strain as it only produces mid range color and brightness (4300K – 5300K). If you are studying for a big exam, the study mode is suitable for use. With its high range color temperature of 6000K – 7000k, the study mode can help increase attention and concentration. On the other hand, if you just want to relax after a long and tiring day, the Softech DL-90B also offers relaxation mode. This mode, with its low range color temperature of 2500K – 3300K, helps alleviate stress for overall improved mood.

The bed time mode promotes and encourages deep and quality sleep with comfortable soft light of 2500K – 3300K. Added to its mode options, the Softech DL-90B also provides natural and non-flickering light for stress free productivity. More so, it does not contain any mercury or emits harmful UV radiation for full comfort and enjoyment. Another great feature of this lamp model is its Auto Off Timer function. This feature gives the user one hour before automatically turning off. This is definitely one useful feature, especially for those who love bed time reading. In addition, the Softech DL-90B also offers USB charging port for all your portable gadgets, such as your iPod, mobile phone, and MP3 player.

With all these features, it is hard not to recommend Softech DL-90B. Although it may be pricier than your usual lamps, but it definitely is worth your money. Many Softech DL-90B customer reviews actually attested on how pleased and satisfied people are with this lamp model. It offers excellent lighting for any situation –may it be for studying or relaxation. All in all, the price may be a little factor to consider but seeing what it offers, you definitely would not question its worth.