Sony DVP-FX970 reviews


Sony DVP-FX970 customer reports


Sony DVP-FX970 reviews

If you have been looking for a portable entertainment gadget that you will surely enjoy, just continue reading the rest of this Sony DVP-FX970 review and you will be provided with more insights on how this product can prove to be a good buy. With this DVD player, you will be able to watch your favorite movies regardless of your location. You can now watch movies while inside the car, while on a plane or while in an outdoor trip. Just bring this with you, and you will surely have no dull moment.

The screen of this DVD player is one of the things often lauded in numerous Sony DVP-FX970 customer reports because of its functionality. It can be swiveled at 180 degrees and it can also be flipped. Because of this, you can be assured of having high quality DVD viewing, at every angle that you would prefer.

The monitor of this product has also been commended by many people. It is wide and has high resolution, which gives you an assurance that you will see images in its highest quality. You can see the details in its colors, which will make DVD viewing a more enjoyable activity. It screen has 800×480 resolution and has a size of nine inches.

If you are looking for a portable DVD player, one of the most essential considerations would be battery life. This is because you are going to have the product used in a remote location, such as in an outdoor trip, and you might not have the chance to have it recharged because of limited power source. This DVD player, at full charge, can last up to 6 hours. That means giving you more time to have fun with multiple movies that you can watch at a single charge. That will give you the time to enjoy at least 3 different movies before having the need to have the player recharged.

With the new models of portable DVD players that are available in the market today, this Sony DVP-FX970 review also highlights the fact that it can play contents not just from a disc, but also from USB. It has a USB port, which means that you can enjoy contents from your storage device. You cannot just watch a movie, but also browse pictures and listen to your favorite songs.

Many people have also liked the fact that the DVD player comes with touch keys, which are located just at the bottom part of the screen. This makes the product very easy to operate and navigate, especially whine it is flipped.

If you have still not come up with the decision with what specific portable DVD player will be purchased, there is no need to look any further. This can be an option that you will not regret, the same way that it has been able to satisfy many other users, as noted in various Sony DVP-FX970 customer reports.