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Sony ICD-SX712 reviewsThere are number of voice recorders in the market but the best of these is Sony ICD-SX712. This is the most versatile and the best voice recorder ever available in the market. Sony ICD-SX712 review is enough to explain you the features and characteristics of this voice recorder. It is very much interesting to note that this voice recorder provides you the USB connection. This connection enables you to transfer your data to or from the computer anytime. There is also a cable that is provided with the voice recorder. This cable enables the connection via USB port with the computer. The most characterized feature of this voice recorder is that it has the standard ear phone jack. This jack enables the stereo headphones to be connected with the voice recorder. Now you can enjoy the high quality music anytime and at any place. There is also a carrying pouch along with the recorder.

This pouch enables the safety of your voice recorder. It is not feasible to put the voice recorder in the bag or in the pocket as it is. This hand pouch avoids the scratches and mud particles. There is also sound organizer software that is provided with Sony ICD-SX712. This software allows you to record and edit recordings. Further by using this software, you can also burn CDs and DVDs.

There is also built in digital pitch control that controls the pitch of the sound irrespective of the spped of the playback. You can also control the speed of the playback as well. This voice recorder provides you the internal storage memory of 2 GB. That is enough to record number of recordings easily in your voice recorder. Most of the voice recorders come with the internal memory of 1 GB or less. So this voice recorder is far better than other voice recorders in terms of internal memory and other features. The long battery timing of this voice recorder makes it different and unique from other ordinary voice recorders. Now there is no need to opt for any other voice recorder. You can use this voice recorder to listen to your favorite tracks and to record.

It is quite interesting to note that this voice recorder provides you the recording time of 536 hours. That is approximately 22 days. What do you need more? The battery timings of this voice recorder is approximately 22 hours. This is really sufficient. The width and the height of the recorder is adjusted in such a way that you can handle it easily. It is the 5.38 inches in length. Sony ICD-SX712 customer reports tell that it is the most selling voice recorder around the world due to its enchanting features and characteristics.
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