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Sony ICD-SX712 reviewsSony ICD-SX712 Device with Lots of Features:

Have you ever seen a good digital voice recorder having lots of features and the best specification? I have seen it, and used it as well. That was really very a perfect device, which had lots of features and it has a great specification. No doubt that this product has several useful features for top-quality performance. The name of this product is Sony ICD-SX712. First, I would like to tell about the specification of Sony ICD-SX712. It has various convenience features. For instance, it can erase/protect, it has the five Message Folders. Sony ICD-SX712 has an on-screen clock as well with Calendar. This device has a Remote Control just for the convenience of people. The best point of Sony ICD-SX712 is that it has a Safety Lock with different hold functions. Sony ICD-SX712 contains some search features as well such as Cue/Review, Easy Search, Calendar Search, Track Mark.

This product provides the convenience of a Voice E-Mail Function as well to the customers. Sony ICD-SX712 has different software such as Windows® 7 Ultimate, Windows® 7 Professional, Windows® 7 Home Premium, Windows® 7 Home Basic, Windows® 7 Starter, Windows Vista® Ultimate Service Pack 2 or higher, Windows Vista® Business Service Pack 2 or higher, Windows® XP Home Edition Service Pack 3 or higher and so on. Other softwares can also be found in the Sony ICD-SX712. The supplied softwares presented in the Sony ICD-SX712 are Application Software, Sound Organizer (CD-ROM) (Windows only).

While performing the audio functions, Sony ICD-SX712 can support the different formats. The memory size of Sony ICD-SX712 is 2 GB (approx). 1.9 GB = 2,147,483,648 bytes) Available: 1.8 GB (1,932,735,283 bytes). Its Speaker Dimensions are approx. 21/32 in. (16 mm) diameter. In audio features, Sony ICD-SX712 has a Microphone Sensitivity Feature and recording features with 6 modes in the form of Linear PCM / MP3 320kbps / MP3 192kbps / MP3 128kbps / MP3 48kbps (Mono) / MP3 8kbps (Mono). On the other hand, the power requirements of this product are two LR03 (size AAA) alkaline batteries: 3.0 V DC Two NH-AAA rechargeable batteries: 2.4 V DC. Sony ICD-SX712 is not much in weight, so it can easily be carried. The weight of this product is approximately 2 3/8 oz. (68 g) excluding batteries.

Sony ICD-SX712 customer reports highlighted the pros and cons of this product. Sony ICD-SX712 has a two-position microphone allows for greater recording capability. This is the best feature of this product. According to other customers, this recorder comes with several functions to make for a fluid and flexible operating experience. On the other hand, in customer reports, its cons have also been highlighted, and this con is that it does not come with a memory card for its expandable memory. Really, it has some great functions the Sony ICD-SX712 performs include variable-speed playback, track marking to designate a position on a recording to find that spot easily later and voice activation.

You must try Sony ICD-SX712, because it is wonderful in use.