Sony ICF-C218 reviews


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Sony ICF-C218 reviews

For most of us, we rely to alarm clocks to wake up in the morning. It has become a staple part of one’s room as it is a big part on why we do not run late on our appointments. If you are looking to get your first alarm clock, or hunting for a replacement, we are gladly here to help. This Sony ICF-C218 review article will give you a detailed look on this particular set clock model to help you decide whether this is the alarm clock you have been waiting for. The Sony ICF-C218 digital set clock is not the most elegant nor the most advanced in its product category. It is safe to say that this particular model is your basic alarm clock. Sony ICF-C218 offers the basic functions of an alarm clock, and has minimal add on features. For its price of around $10-$15, you better not expect grandeurs.

Sony ICF-C218 has an automatic time set, with a summer time adjustment. With this, you are free from the hassle of adjusting it for the daylight savings. It also has a battery backup to ensure that it always displays the correct time. Actually, for a basic alarm clock, this is a good add on since it is preventive of having to set the time again and again. For the alarm, you can pick from the two of its alarm wake-up modes: the buzzer and the radio. You can set it according to your choice. Moreover, Sony ICF-C218 also has a snooze button.

Other features of Sony ICF-C218 are its analog radio tuner and calendar.  For its radio function, it has the basic AM and FM tuner bands. The design of Sony ICF-C218 is also pretty simple. It has a 0.9 inch display with green backlight. The screen is big enough for the user to clearly see the time. The green backlight is clear enough for the users to see the clock during the night. The alarm clock seems durable enough to last an average user for a long time. And since it is manufactured by Sony, you can be pretty sure of its quality.

Overall, the Sony ICF-C218 is a good choice for an alarm clock if you are looking for a basic alarm clock. For a normal user, this particular alarm clock model is definitely enough. The radio and calendar are really nice features to incorporate with the clock. Many Sony ICF-C218 customer reports attested on how it is a quality alarm clock. It delivers it functions. Though, the radio is not high fidelity, it still delivers. All in all, if you are looking to get an alarm clock, Sony ICF-C218 definitely a good buy.