Best Rated Washing Machine fromĀ Speed Queen


1. Speed Queen AWN432Benefits

As stated in the Speed Queen AWN432SP top load washer reviews this appliance features a durable construction.

This top loading washing machine features a quiet motor that is powerful enough to remove tough, ground in stains.

Considered the best washing machine from Speed Queen, you will appreciate how easy it is to operate.

Not only is this top loading washing machine large enough to hold a load of laundry, it is also resistant to mold and bacteria.



It should be mentioned that some modelsĀ have a porcelain coating over the stainless steel tub which doesn’t affect its performance, but may not be preferable for all customers.


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Benefits Explained


  • This top loading washing features a stainless steel construction that is durable, and designed for years of use. The washer is also triple coated with a clear finish that will keep it looking brand new even after several years. It is also designed to be easy to install and fit easily in smaller laundry rooms.

1. Speed Queen AWN432

  • You will love how quiet the motor is, even when it is on the “spin” cycle. This lets you do laundry any time without disturbing others. It is also powerful enough to remove tough stains without ruining the fabric. The agitator rotates 210 degrees, and is capable of up to 68 strokes a minute. This ensures that ground in dirt and grass stains are removed with just one wash, and will also prolong the life of your clothes.


  • The controls are conveniently placed on the front of the washer for easy access, and the non locking lid lets you add any items you may have forgotten after the machine has been turned on. This also lets your clothes soak in the washer, before you add detergent or a fabric softener. The “gentle” cycle is perfect for all of your delicate items, and you will also appreciate the energy saving setting. Not only will it help you save money on your monthly utility bill, it is also beneficial for the environment. Residents of drought stricken areas will also appreciate knowing that their appliances are in compliance with area water restrictions.


  • This top loading washing machine is large enough to hold a load of laundry, including king size sheets and blankets. The 3.3 cu. ft. tub fills to the top with water to ensure that the entire load is thoroughly cleaned. Since this is a top loader you also have the advantage of not having to worry about mold and mildew building up in the tub.



This is often considered the best top load washing machine, and it’s not hard to see why. It is large enough to wash a load of king size bedding, and powerful enough to remove tough stains without damaging the fabric. The quiet motor makes it possible for you to do laundry without disturbing others, and you will also appreciate the energy saving cycle. Affordably priced and designed to last, this might be the perfect appliance to keep your laundry fresh and clean.


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