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Stamina 4825 reviewsKeeping in shape is a must if you want to stay away from health problems, for having a very good physical condition and, why not, for feeling good about yourself. Because of work or other factors some people just don`t have the time to go to the gym for their daily workouts, so they opt for a more practical and comfortable solution, buying a piece of fitness equipment for their homes. The Stamina 4825 review will try to present one such machine. In the following paragraphes I`m going to point out the pros and cons to help you in the eventual endeavour of actually buying it.

This exercise bike offers six preset fitness programs and to help you with them you also get a pace guide. It has an InTouch monitor and it is programmed to follow your workout time, speed, distance and your calories burned as well. This is very easy to use mainly beacause of the large LCD display and one button control. The display will also tell you if you are pedaling too fast or too slow according to the program that you chose. The seat is comfortable, adjustable, so you can find you prefect exercise position. It is very simple to install as well, so you won`t lose a lot of time with trying to put it together.

The ones who actually bought this exercise bike have been very satisfied with it. Even though it is simple, the customers are more than pleased with its overall performance. The first thing they pointed out is its easy assembly, most of them doing it under one hour. Another thing that impresses is its sturdiness, the ones who pedaled realy fast noted that the bike remained very stable. The easy menu is a definite plus too. On a minus level the actual delivery might be a bit tricky, with customers reporting that some minor parts have been broken. But if you report it that shouldn`t post a problem, the manufacturers will send you a new one in a jiffy. And that`s about the only drawback there is.

I hope that through the Stamina 4825 review I managed to help you reach a decision, if you are intrested in buying an exercise bike. The Stamina 4825 customer reports conclude that itis a very good choice, it is simple, easy to use, it has over 6 different types of programs to help you keep healty and in shape. You will not have any problems with assembling it. The only things you better watch out for are the sometimes broken parts that come after the shipment. My conclusion is that if you are intrested into such an exercise item, this one is a very solid investment and should only benefit you in the long run.