Stanley Bostitch PN100K customer reports


Stanley Bostitch PN100K reviews

This highly durable and handy Stanley Bostitch PN100K for sale is a must have for people who are working in the construction or carpentry or to those who just wants their tasks to be more convenient by having the best tools that the market can offer. It can apply and perform a wide array of work and tasks, may it be building decks or installing the metal connectors. This Stanley Bostitch PN100K review will provide you with the most important details such as features and specifications so you can decide if this tool is suitable for your needs.

The most important part of the kit which is the PN100 nailer, is strong enough to push the nails up to a maximum of 5 inches in depth, this is suitable for those who are working in really small sites. This particular model weighs at approximately 2.9 lbs. and it is designed to be able to accomplish your work conveniently.

It has a magnetic nose that has a depressed nail slot to secure the nail firmly in place, and it’s highly durable design offers maximum convenience to the one who will be working with it. These features will make the task easier to do and it will reduce the duration of work significantly. In other words, Stanley Bostitch PN100K deals is so strong that it can withstand any kind of tasks because of it’s sturdy nose that is made out of steel. In addition to that, there are three various noses for nailing, finish, large bore and standard nailing. This unit also comes with a hex wrench, leather glove, spare o’ rings, lubricant.

Rest assured that if you take advantage of the Stanley Bostitch PN100K discounted price, you would get your money’s worth and more – having a high quality nailer at an inexpensive rate is a very good deal. With all these features, no wonder Stanley Bostitch PN100K ratings are on the top.

This product is originally known as the boston wire stitcher and it was founded by Thomas Briggs which also invented the tool in 1896. The first manufactured tool is an easy to use wire stitcher that is made for fastening hat boxes, checks, calendars and books.

Then in 1903, the company was able to launch a stapling machine that is foot operated – it utilized the pre-made staples. These particular staples are not collected but it has to be glided through a track into the machine’s magazine. Later on, it was collected with glue and paper. Then the company has started to produce a lot of different kinds of staplers. The first ever coil nailer from the company was launched in 1965. That’s why you can be assured that it took decades of experience to be able to produce something as superb as this product. That’s why Bostitch is one of the most popular and trusted brands when it comes to nailing tools.