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Stanley Bostitch F28WW reviewsFor people who love doing small construction tasks at home, framing nailer proves to be one useful machine. Framing nailers are specifically designed to let you frame, deck, and attach materials together, may it be wood or metal. With its purpose, more and more people are getting such a device to help them out for small home repairs. If you are looking for one, you may want to check out Stanley Bostitch F28WW. However, before getting one, it is advisable to first look and read through various Stanley Bostitch F28WW reviews, such as this one, so that you would know if this particular framing nailer fits your needs. In this article, we will look into its features and specifications to help you decide whether this machine can really work with you.

The Stanley Bostitch F28WW drives 2 to 3 ½ inch framing nails and gives 1050 inch pounds of driving power. With this much power, you can be sure that this framing nmailer can go through even the hardest and toughest materials and applications. Though very powerful, the Stanley Bostitch F28WW remains to be very light weight. It weighs 7.6 pounds which is just enough for it to feel solid for tight grip and still feel very portable. Given its size, you won’t have any problem tacking repairs even on hard to reach areas like attics and other overhead tasks which otherwise are shoulder-burning. Furthermore, the Stanley Bostitch F28WW features a patented pushbutton adjustable depth guide. This offers its users a quick and convenient way to adjust the depth without having to fumble around the tool, especially when you are standing on a steep area. Although, some people may find it a little limited since the push buttons devoid you to really adjust and customize the compressor pressure to your personal liking. Another great feature of Stanley Bostitch F28WW is its installed sequential and bump fire triggers. With these triggers, you are provided with optimal control and faster production.

All in all, Stanley Bostitch F28WW proves to be a worthy investment. As seen in various Stanley Bostitch F28WW customer reports, many users are very much happy and satisfied with this framing nailer. It is able to get through even the toughest applications without much effort. It is also very lightweight which prevents you from experiencing cramps, which in the end, results in faster and ease of work. Its price range is also very affordable, so people who are low on cash can still very well enjoy Stanley Bostitch F28WW. There are no big deal breakers on why it would not be advisable purchasing this device, except if you really want a framing nailer that lets you customize its compressor pressure since this model comes with preset push buttons. But if you are okay with the programmed depths, then Stanley Bostitch F28WW is definitely worth checking out.