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Stiga Spica reviewsIf you’re taking table tennis seriously, then choose this 5 star Stiga Spica Table Tennis Racket. This racket will surely spin up your attacks. Read more about it in this Stiga Spica Review.

Stiga Spica Table Tennis Racket is one of NCT rackets that uses the latest nano technology that is designed for direct power hitting. It is equipped with a premium smooth rubber that makes it great for hitting balls with power. It focuses primarily on pure speed rather than spin attacks.

It features

This tennis racket features a WRB system which reduces weight in the racket’s handle. This allows the head of the blade to accelerate to produce faster returns, more power, and extra sensitivity and touch. This feature makes this tennis racket great for competitions as it produces a speed grade of 95, spin and grade of 96.

Also, Stiga Spica features the ACS technology which allows very high speed to be combined with maximum elasticity and control. This technology is what makes an ultra-light rubber sheet of the racket wherein the sponge thickness is only 2.0.

STIGA also used its Crystal Technology in making the racket. This hardens the surface of the blade which increases its speed. This produces a crystalline appearance of blades which causes the extra zip on the attacking shots.

Compared to the normal blade treatments which use only regular lacquer, Stiga Spica uses its Crystal Technology which employs a transparent hydrophilic gel lacquer. This gel lacquer is applied to the blade very quickly and very precisely which is a very important to be able to achieve the desired characteristics and result. The gel lacquer is more flexible than regular lacquer and but not as hard. And so, you won’t have to lose any feel despite the increase in speed and power.

Stiga Spica Table Tennis Racket Specifics and Features:

–          Rubber: Premium smooth

–          Sponge Thickness: 2.0

–          Speed: 95

–          Spin: 96

–          Control: 44

–          WRB system: reduces weight in the racket’s handle

–          ACS technology: very high speed combined with elasticity and control

–          Crystal Technology: transparent hydrophilic gel lacquer for hard surface of the blade

According to the Stiga Spica customer reports, the incredible features of this table tennis racket are what make the attacking spins and counter attacks powerful. The customers who have already bought and tried this product were extremely satisfied. The speed of the attacks and the control produced by this Stiga Spica table tennis racket is noted by the users as great for competitions. This is after all, a 5 star table tennis racket produced by the STIGA. What more can you ask if all of the qualities are already present?