Located in the North-Central United States and with a population of almost 5.8 million people, Wisconsin managed to pass some weird laws that bewilder all of us and make us wonder “Why?”.

Down below, we will mention some of these laws which will make your imagination run wild and bring a smile on your face, because, believe it or not, they are real and for some of us, they make no sense at all.


A farm animal needs to be given the right of way on a public road

Well, this makes us wonder how many people expected these poor animals to show an increased level of attention and consideration and give humans the right of way on the roads. It’s hard to imagine that someone will just drive ahead when they see an animal ready to cross the street, just because they assume that the animal will stop and let them pass.

This rule has been in effect since 1957 and it has offered protection to animals against these crazy drivers who sometimes had the amazing idea to drive their vehicle right into them when they saw them on the road.


It’s illegal to shoot animals from an airplane

Really? It would have sounded much better if this law had forbidden any shooting of any animal and period. We want to believe that there are no people in Wisconsin who in a moment of boredom decided to take their planes and go shooting at some grounded animals. But, unfortunately, this type of situations does occur when aerial hunting is involved, and this law might target those particular cases.

We don’t know exactly why the Wisconsin State Legislature came up with this weird sounding law, but for sure there were some shooting-animals-from-airplane situations in the past and, as long as it offers better protection for the animals, we are only left to sympathize.


The cheese produced in Wisconsin has to be “highly pleasing”

For all cheese lovers out there, who haven’t tried the cheese produced in Wisconsin yet, it is recommended to wait no longer because there is a law which guarantees it to have a “highly pleasing” taste.

We are only left to ask ourselves how they agreed on this characterization and if there is a secret ingredient that needs to be used in order to attain this highly pleasing taste. Anyways, it becomes very complicated when we are talking about tastes because what is highly pleasing for someone can be highly unpleasing for someone else, and vice-versa.


It’s illegal to blow up a muskrat home

Muskrats did manage to get some attention from Wisconsin’s State Legislature! If blowing up a muskrat home was on your to-do list for this weekend, please think twice because in Wisconsin this is absolutely illegal. You will have to find other animals whose homes to destroy; the muskrat’s home is protected by law.  

These situations must have been very common since there had to be passed a law which forbids this action, and if so, we do sympathize once again with the Wisconsin State Legislature.


It’s illegal to sell colored chicks, ducklings or rabbits

Wait, what? Who on earth would do this unnecessary thing to these baby animals and who would be the ones buying them? If you are one of those people who’s not happy with coloring only the eggs on Easter, and you were thinking to color your chicks, ducklings or rabbits and then sell them, you should know that it is illegal in Wisconsin.

We all want some more color in our houses for Easter, but we should really stick to our traditional decorations, there are plenty.


It’s a crime to harass a Seeing-Eye-Dog in Wisconsin

We can’t imagine someone harassing a dog who is helping a disabled person or is leading a blind person, but you never know. In Wisconsin, there is this law which forbids this above-mentioned action, and we don’t know if this was passed because there were lots of these situations in the past or they are being proactive and want to prevent these types of situations from happening.

Wisconsin’s State Legislature has really thought things very thoroughly and they don’t hold back when it comes to passing a new law which can increase the protection for both humans and animals.


It’s illegal to sell margarine in restaurants

In the state of Wisconsin people were banned from selling margarine between 1925-1967. That is why many Wisconsinites tried to smuggle it in or they were selling fake butter. Also, it is illegal to sell margarine in a restaurant unless the customer specifically asks for it. There are restrictions for selling margarine in prisons, schools or other state institutions. It can be sold in those places only if it’s absolutely necessary for health issues.

Governor Warren Knowles once called it “the yellow stick from Satan himself,” which can be a bit exaggerated, but everyone gets the message.


When two trains meet at an intersection neither one should proceed unless the other one does

Even if you read this twice you’re still getting the same clear understanding that when two trains meet, one has to make the first move and then the other one follows. But how do they know who is going to proceed first? This is the big question. Imagine how many delays would happen if the railroad engineers were to obey this law.

Needless to say, it would be extremely helpful for railroad engineers if they possessed telepathic powers in this kind of situations.


It’s illegal to camp in a wagon

It is against the law to camp in a wagon on any public highway. And, if you are on a vacation in Wisconsin and decide to break this law, you will risk a steep fine of up to ten dollars.

It is thought that this law dates back to those days when people traveled by horse and cart but imagine today a police officer who will do nothing to someone sleeping in a minivan but will cite someone taking a nap in a station wagon.


No snowball fights allowed

Who would have thought that in Wisconsin snowball fights are strictly forbidden? So, if you decided to visit Wisconsin in the winter, make sure you don’t get involved in a snowball fight. You have to be careful not to throw any snowballs at any person or into any buildings or public places within the city.

Snowball fights are so much fun, we hope that this is just another law that Wisconsinites do not have to obey.