Strathwood Basics Hardwood 3-Seater customer reports


Strathwood Basics Hardwood 3-Seater reviews

This Strathwood Basics Hardwood 3-Seater for sale is the perfect seat for both indoor and outdoor setting. It features a somewhat curved back and seat. This bench from Strathwood allows a convenient and relaxing piece to spaces such as yard, deck, patio, porch and also indoor areas. This piece’s slatted and open design is both functional and also appealing to the eye. The ribs of the furniture have enough space in between to enable the rain water to seep through and also dry quickly but also near enough from one another that it provides a level seating surface for the user. This Strathwood Basics Hardwood 3-Seater review will provide you with comprehensive details of this product from Strathwood that is included in their line of great products.

This bench which is 3-seater matches well with the other kinds of hardwood furniture is manufactured by the company Strathwood.

This company is well-known for beautiful and durable pieces. This furniture measures about 60” (width) by 26” (depth) by 34” (height) and the weight of the piece is approximately 37 lbs. There is a required fast and simple set up upon arrival and it comes with all the needed hardware to set it up which are all part of the Strathwood Basics Hardwood 3-Seater deals.

This piece is made out of eucalyptus hardwood with is eco-friendly, this particular piece is perfect for outdoor use and it could withstand all possible weather conditions. This specific hardwood is similar to the wood called teak that comes with awesome properties that will ensure it could handle the worst types of weather.

Furthermore, eucalyptus wood is known for its resistance to insect infestation and rotting which makes it the best choice among outdoor benches offered in the market. Furthermore, this piece is endorsed by FSC or Forest Stewardship Council, and they certify it because of the responsible way of collecting wood and also the manufacturing of the product. The reason is that the eucalyptus wood or trees growth pace is faster than the rest which makes them instantly and consistently available for production of pieces but not only that, this particular wood is also perfect in creating elegant and intricate designs that would be appealing for the consumers.

This kind of material is also light enough that it wouldn’t be difficult for the user to move it around if they want to change its location making the Strathwood Basics Hardwood 3-Seater discounted all worth it.

It’s no surprise that the Strathwood Basics Hardwood 3-Seater ratings if you will notice has been given 4-5 stars because the consumers who purchased this was happy with the product. It combines durability, elegance and flexibility which are 3 of the most important features that should be present in an outdoor piece.