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Striiv Smart reviewsIn this Striiv Smart review, you will be provided with insights on the various features that you can enjoy with the use of this tiny device that acts as a pedometer. This is a perfect item to have for people who are serious about getting fit and healthy. This will provide you with the opportunity to count your steps and be able to monitor how much more should be pursued in order to achieve your desired goal. With this device, you will be highly motivated to walk home, and as a consequence, you get the exercise that you need.

There are many other pedometers that are available in the market. That leads you to the question with regards to the thing, or things, that make this option special among others. One of these things would be the fact that it actually does more than just counting the steps that you have taken on your way home. It keeps you motivated. How? This is because Striiv allows you to do more things. For instance, it can allow you to set your goals and motivate you in the achievement of such. Another good thing that it does is that it allows you to compete with your friend, which will give you more motivation, especially if winning is in your natural spirit.

Many of the Striiv Smart customer reports have revealed that one of the most significant features of this device is that it has a colored screen, which makes it easier for users to monitor their progress. This also makes the device a lot of fun to use, compared to other pedometers that have boring user interface. Aside from being colored, it is also a touch screen, which also makes it easy to use. Its high resolution is another added feature.

This Striiv Smart review also highlights the accuracy of the product. After all, there is no sense in using a pedometer if you know that the results are not accurate. This would mean fooling yourself with a device that does not actually deliver its function. With Striiv, such will surely not be a problem. It is very accurate in counting your steps, and such is made possible by the incorporation of a dual core CPU and DSP. The TruMotion Technology, a unique innovation that can be found in this pedometer, has the ability to detect random movements and car vibrations, which makes it possible for the device to not include such in counting your steps. Aside from accuracy, it can also be easily upgraded, which means that you simply need to go to their website and you can be periodically given the opportunity to enjoy new version of its functions.

Looking for a pedometer that functions more than what is expected from it should now be easier for you. By this time, if you are still thinking of other possible alternatives, you should consult more Striiv Smart customer reports to be convinced that there is no more need to look further for another possible option.