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Summer infant baby reviewsIf you are looking for a baby monitor, it is good to read on a few reviews first before buying so that you could sort out a couple of models and brands that are worth considering. There a lot of people who do get impulsive and purchases the first baby monitor they find. Sooner or later, they will find out that that what they bought do not fit their needs. To avoid such situations, it is highly advisable to go through many reviews, such as this one, before shelling out your hard earned money. In this article, we will provide you a brief Summer infant baby review. We will discuss its features and specifications, and from there, you can decide whether this baby monitor is a perfect fit for you and your baby.

Unlike most of baby monitors out in the market today, the Summer infant baby boasts a bigger parent handheld screen. It offers 2.5 inches of viewing, whereas the usual monitors only have 2 inches.

However, even if it is bigger than the usual, it is still reasonably small for you to easily carry it around. With this, you can still enjoy freedom of roaming while enjoying a better of view of your baby’s activities. Furthermore, for better viewing, this handheld baby monitor shows video in colour during the day. However, color video may not work when the nursery is not well lit. On the other hand, the baby monitor automatically switches to black and white night vision. With or without color, you can very much clearly see through the video and monitor what your baby is up to.

Furthermore, the audio reception of the Summer infant baby has a very clear sound without static. With this, you can always have a good connection with your child. Another feature of this baby monitor is that it can tilt, scan, and zoom the camera remotely. With this, you can easily switch from camera movement function to another depending on what you think provides the best viewing. Added to that, the baby monitor listed that it has 350’ range. You may still get good reception even beyond that, but it is still best not to use and treat this as long range baby monitor as you may be left disappointed.

All in all, with its price, the Summer infant baby is a good buy. It offers excellent basic features for baby monitoring. The bigger screen is a good change from the usual 2 inch baby monitors. Basing from various Summer infant baby customer reports, we can say that many parents are satisfied with the device. It has clear video and excellent audio reception. However, since it is not designed as a long range baby monitor, you should not expect it to deliver good results when use in such way. But overall, Summer infant baby is a good choice for a baby monitor for home use.