Summit Freedom 99 cm customer reports

This Summit Freedom 99 cm review is about a new board presented by Summit which is 99 cm model and has the integrated Tyrolia LR9 Bindings. When compared with the wider model Nomad 99, this skiboard is narrower and is very easy and quick with the edge-to-edge carving. This model is similar in appearance to the Salomon Snowblades which was presented a few years ago. The Summit Freedom 99 cm provides the higher performance with the full length tip to tail wood core and have the full wrap steel edges. The wood core provided in this skiboard increases the energy ride and increases the durability of the board. The side walls are constructed that increases the torsional stability and provides with the increased edge grip and provides elegance to the design.

The skiboard is so designed that it is very stable and has good speed. The narrow surface area enables to maintain the speed and you can even float in the deeper stuff. The Summit Freedom 99 cm comes with the Tyrolia LR9 ski release bindings which are mounted and has fat brakes.  The bindings in this skiboard are durable and quite easy to step in and out of the brakes also it comes complete with all the safety features as of the ski release bindings. The skiboard can easily be adjusted to all the ski boot sizes which are adjusted by the use of hand.

The specifications that are in this Summit Freedom 99 cm review which are given below:

The total length of the skiboard is 99 cm and the tip of the board is 5.6cm, while the tail height is 3.5 cm. The width of the tip is 110 mm, while the width of the waist is 90 mm and that of the tail is 100mm. the turning radius of the skiboard is 6.8m, the warranty provided with the skiboard is 1 year that covers the manufacturer defects.

The base of the skiboard is so designed that it is extruded and super hard which makes the skiboard hard and durable. Tip protectors are also in the skiboard which is for the extra edge protection. The top of the skiboard is made of high gloss and UV protection sheet.

The Summit Freedom 99 cm customer reports shows that the skiboard is highly appreciated as the length of heel and toe can be adjusted to suit the user with the motion of the hand by sliding the plates forward and backward. It has the 360 full wrap Rockwell carbon steel edges which provides the superior edge grip. The narrow body shape makes the skiboard very fast turning and the extruded bases make the skiboard very durable and fast. Also the asymmetrical twin tips make it very easy to ride it forward as well as backwards.