Summit Marauder 125cm customer reports


In the past decade classic winter sports had to share the spotlight with a whole new generation of winter outdoor activities that have shattered the previous boundaries. One of these new activities is skiboarding. And for those skiboarding enthusiasts the following review will try to help them decide on what pair of skiboards to aquire so they can practice the sport in optimum condition. Summit Marauder 125cm review will try to show why theyare the latest development in the field of skiboarding, made to give you that extra edge.

First thing that catches your eye is their fantastic design. The flames are put there for a reason, you are going to blaze through the snow at enormous speeds, taking your sport experience beyond your wildest dreams. The skiboards have a wooden core made from specialy selected birch wood, making them very strong while remaining surprisingly light.


And also this type of wood provides extra durability. What gives them flexability is the three layers of fiberglass, two top ones and one below the wooden core. For shock absorbence a rubber dampening layer was added. And on top of all those layers the manufacturers decided to add one more, for extra strenght, made from kevlar. Everyone knows what kevlar is used for – bulletproof vests – so you can imagine the quality of  Summit Marauder 125cm Skiboards.



In addition they are equiped with black sinted bases. The speeds that they can reach are definitely going to astonish you. And also these type of bases are easy to repair. This means that gouges are not a big deal anymore and the bases will look like new for a much longer period. The 360 full wrap Rockwell carbon steel edges are another key feature for the Summit Marauder 125cm Skiboards. They ensure a superior edge grip, while protecting your skiboards from dreadful dings.


Summit Marauder 125cm customer reports have proven that they have been extremly pleased with the way the skibords have fulfilled their expectations, even surpassing them. Their strenght, flexibility, durability, speed, combined with an eye-catching design make them a perfect choice for skiboarding enthusists. The huge effort that is put into making these skiboards is reflected in the faultless final product and the users reviews that have been up to now more than positive.

So if you are looking for a winter present for someone dear or for yourself,  Summit Marauder 125cm review shows why thisis definitely the way to go, without any remorse. The qualities that this product posses are amazingly balanced to ensure a worderfull slope experience, reching amazing top speeds, being extremely strong, durable and behaving very well in tight corners. There is nothing more I can say than go out there and buy them, then go to your nearest ski resort and enjoy yourself.