Swingline Electric customer reports


Swingline Electric review

This Swingline Electric review is about a 3 hole punch which is from Swingline Electric. It so designed that the technology helps you in the punching making the hole punching effortless.

The device is electrical and has the ability to punch 3 holes at one time. It is dual powered and can be used with the included AC Adapter it can also work with 6AA batteries which are sold separately from the product, this makes the device suitable to used even when you are in a travel.it is designed keeping in mind that it should look good and should match with the other items of the computer, that’s why it is designed sleek so that it will look good in the office space also it can work with the home and the office.

The Swingline Electric review tells us that the reset button on the Swingline Electric when pressed reverses the punch pins and clears the jam which helps in speeding the punching holes in the project that you are doing. There is a hinged chip door which helps the user in the maintenance of this device so that you can maintain without having to create a mess. The device is so made so that you can punch as many as 15 sheets of a 20 pound paper at one time very easily. The Swingline Electric is a very good and is made up of very good quality and the warranty provided by the company is one year warranty. Swingline has earned a very good name in the workspace tools for the business and home workspace.

The other things the company makes are staplers, sharpener, punches, trimmers and they have been making this for 80 years and theses products have helped solve the many workspace problems that arise and can make you frustrated. The company’s products are of very nice quality and they are very durable with very good performance.

There are many features in product which are given below:

It is a portable electric 3 hole punch. There is AC adapter included with the batteries which are included with the product and sold separately. The Swingline Electric can punch up to 15 sheets of 20 pound paper. There is a hinged door for easy cleaning. There is a reset button which is used to clear the jams.the dimensions of this product is 13 x 7 x 4.1 inches and weighs only 1 ounces.

This Swingline Electric customer reports show that the Swingline Electric has a good reputation for bringing the best of the products which help in solving the work space related problems and frustrations. The products are very durable and will last a long time provide you good performance in the workspace.