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Tasco 49TN reviewsWhat happens when you combine Microscope and Telescope? What else but a combination of micro and celestial fun. Tasco 49TN is a 50×50 Refractor Telescope Microscope Combo that will surely take you family bonding into a brand new step. Read more about it in this Tasco 49TN Review.

Tasco 49TN is a combination of a red Tasco 50×50 refractor telescope and a red Tasco microscope. This Telescope and Microscope Set consists of Tasco Land and Sky telescope which is an ideal telescope. This is a spotting scope for entry level surveying. It uses high quality lenses. It features a 50 X magnification eyepiece. It also includes an erect image diagonal which allows the usage of this Tasco telescope also as a spotting scope for a day time land observation. This is a great way for making the children to be more interested in Sciences than engaging in more addicting yet unhealthy video games. With this you will be able to introduce to your children the beauties of the night sky—the moon, stars, and planets.

But this set is not only for night sky appreciation, but also for the appreciation of the micro world—the world that is so small for the eyes to see. The combo package also includes a red microscope. It includes a 19-piece microscope accessory kit that includes prepared slides & specimen, and microscope examination and preparation tools. This microscope is much more affordable than the professional microscope but it doesn’t leave out the quality though it may not give you a closer view to the microbes.

The scope also has an adjustable aluminum eyepieces and an altazimuth mount for a better scoping performance. Tha package contains Tasco 50×50 Land and Sky Telescope, Tasco Kids Microscope, 19-piece Microscope Accessory Kit which contains prepared slides and specimen, microscope tools, tabletop tripod, 50x .965″ telescope eyepiece, erecting eyepiece for land view, and finder scope.

The Tasco Telescope Microscope package 49 TN is an affordable and educational gift for the kids and beginners. It engages them to know more about the things around us.

Tasco Telescope and Microscope combo is the perfect present for every child whatever may be the event.

Tasco 49TN 50×50 Refractor Telescope and Microscope Combo Specifics and Features:

–          Focal Ratio: 35X Land Eyepiece

–          Tripod: 4/1.8

–          Finderscope: 2X

–          Altazimuth Mount

–          Adjustable Aluminum Eyepieces

–          Package Contents:

  • Tasco 50×50 Land and Sky Telescope, Red Tube
  • Tasco Kids Microscope, Red
  • 19-piece Microscope Accessory Kit: Prepared Slides and Specimen, Microscope Tools
  • Tabletop Tripod
  • 50x .965″ Telescope Eyepiece
  • Erecting Eyepiece for land view
  • Finderscope

According to the Tasco 49TN customer reports, this amazing telescope and microscope combo has never ceased to amaze its users.