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Texsport backpackers reviewsAre you going camping or back packing? Surely, you need a trusty cook set that does not only cook well, but is also light weight so as to avoid the hassle of adding weight into your already heavy pack. In this Texsport Backpackers review, we will discuss the features that this cook set carries under its belt and if it is a product worth considering in your next trip. The Texsport Backpackers Cook set includes a 5 ½ copper bottom fry pan, a 24 ounce copper bottom pot with lid, a 20 ounce copper bottom pot with lid, and an 8 ounce plastic cup. From its inclusions, we can say that this cook set caters to all your cooking needs on the camp or in the trail. With all the included pan and pots, the set remains to be light weight. However, some Texsport Backpackers customer reports suggest that this particular cook set may be light weight when you bring it for camping, but proves to be heavy for back packing. On the other hand, the pans and pots fit snugly to each other making them perfectly fitted to the included nylon carry on for easy transport.

As for the included pan and pots, many Texsport Backpackers customer reports attested that all are well built and are very durable. Customers say that the set had withstand even the toughest trip they have had. Since all of the pans and pots have copper bottoms, the heat is evenly distributed making it easier and faster to cook campfire food. To put up with the rough trips, the pans and pots do not come with non-sticky coats, so you won’t have to worry about scratching them. The cook set is also very easy to clean, which means you won’t have a problem maintaining them.

On the other hand, some users also found glitches in this cook set. Though, nothing serious, you may want to take into account if ever you are planning to get the Texsport Backpackers Cook set. Some find the cook set tiny, and can only feed two people in one cooking.  But you have to keep in mind that the set is not made to feed a family. Furthermore, others think that the pan and pots’ handles are flimsy, which makes it quite hard to hold them.

In conclusion, users should keep in mind what the Texsport Backpackers Cook set is all about. It is designed for camping and backpacking, and expecting more from a backpacker’s cook set may prove to be disappointing. With its price, the Texsport Backpackers Cook set is actually not a bad buy. Like most of Texsport Backpackers reviews, we think this cook set stays true to its claim and delivers what it promised.