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Tiger Shark great whiteGolf players know the importance of having a great set of clubs. They, more or less, suggest how you play a game and are vital in winning a match. If you are looking for a new set to add in your collection, or just getting your first one, you may want to check out Tiger Shark great white. In this article, we will give you a brief Tiger Shark great white review of its features and specifications, and whether it passes the discerning eyes of golf players. We will be discussing each club so you can have an idea of what this set offers and if this club set is actually suited to your wants. Read on and decide for yourself if Tiger Shark great white is actually what you have been looking for.

The Tiger Shark great white club set includes a geometric 460 cc titanium driver, state of the art transition iron set that includes two hybrid #3 and #4 with graphite shafts, #5 and #6 transition irons, and a #7-PW soft cast irons. Each club has their own purpose and strengths, so each is played depending on what you want to attain on the game.

The 460 cc is specifically designed for slow to mid-speed wings. Balls actually jump off this club’s head, so you do not have to exert much effort when covering big distances. On the other hand, the hybrid 3 and 4 make it really easy to hit 3 and 4 irons as they provide long and accurate shot. With these hybrids, playing 3 and 4 is smooth and flawless. While the 7-PW offers a good play on any distance. Its weight is put on the rear, making it light to hold but still provides enough support for powerful and accurate hitting. Aside from being high performing, the clubs are also very lightweight. This lets the users have an easy grip and comfortable hold on the club, which prevents cramps even on extended hours of playing. The Tiger Shark great white also comes with equally attractive Ogio bag to hold the set in place. The bag is very light, making it easy to bring around the golf course without much burden. Its back opening pockets are conveniently placed so you can easily get anything you need when it is strapped on the cart.

All in all, many Tiger Shark great white customer reports attested on how outstanding this club set is. More than providing powerful clubs, it is also well designed to prevent users of getting cramps when using this set. It is light weight and easy to hold for much accurate hit on the ball. Furthermore, this set has all the distance covered as it has varying clubs depending on the distance you are targeting. The Tiger Shark great white provides a club perfectly suited for each play. With this, Tiger Shark great white is a good choice for people looking in for new golf club set.