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TiVo AN0100 reviewsIf you are looking of upgrading your home entertainment, you may want to consider getting the new TiVo AN0100.  It has features that many are raving about, and it has proven itself to be one of the best in the industry. However, your purchase should not be based on what is popular, rather it should on what you need out of such a device. Reading various product reviews is a good way to gain knowledge over TiVos, which will definitely help you wise decision when it comes to this type of purchases. Remember that TiVos are not exactly cheap devices, so careful considerations should be made. Having the right working knowledge on a device that you are eyeing to purchase will definitely help you land a perfect choice that is rightly suited to your needs and want. In this regard, to help you out on your hunt, we will give you a brief TiVo AN0100 review. We will discuss its features and specifications, and what actual users are saying about it. With this, we hope that we can be of reference to you once you decide to make a purchase.


Many users attested that the TiVo AN0100 is better in most ways than the prior USB version. First, it offers high performance. It offers 802.11n connection between the TiVo DVR and the internet so you can enjoy faster downloads of HD movies and TV shows. You can also enjoy faster HD Netflix movie streaming, which is very hard to do in the USB version because of its slow WiFi adapter. Furthermore, the TiVo AN0100 is also capable of transferring recordings from one TiVo DVR to another quickly and efficiently.

With this, you get to enjoy quicker multi-room viewing so everyone in your family can enjoy the movies and shows that you have downloaded. In addition, the TiVo AN0100 has faster TiVoToGo. This allows its users to load shows to portable devices sooner with quicker transfer to your computer. To hold all these great features, the TiVo AN0100 boasts a simple but sturdy design. It is very solid when you hold it, suggesting its high durability. It can withstand continuous and heavy use, without showing any system failure.

All in all, with its features, the TiVo AN0100 is clearly an upgrade from the average TiVo. It is faster and quicker than most TiVos of the same class. As seen from various TiVo AN0100 customer reports posted online, many users are amazed by its high performance. It is also very easy to install and operate, so anyone, may it be your little brother or your non-techy mother, can enjoy using it. However, you should be prepared in shelling out money for this wonderful device as it carries a heavier price tag than those average TiVos. So if you just want a TiVo for its standard use, you may opt in getting the lower models as they are cheaper. Overall, if you have the money to spend, then there is no reason not to get the TiVo AN0100.