TKO 99BLK customer reports


TKO 99BLK reviewsThis TKO 99BLK review is about a drum set for the children having interest in the music and feels the urge to create their own music. This drum set is for the children which range from 3-8 years, this is a good choice for the children who are just starting and it is not just a drum set which is a toy but provides you good drums for the children at this reasonable price range.

This is made by the TKO and has one of the best names in the student and intermediate drum sets available in the market. The kids are sure to rock to this drum set. The design of the drum set is like the drum of the grownups and the finishes are made similar to that.

This TKO 99BLK review is about the drum sets which are kept in mind the size of the kids and the features that may need. This drum set is made of top quality and will last long even if it is being played by a child. It has a fully tune able top and bottom heads and has real wood shells and lugs and chrome plated metal hardware. It has a snare drum and there is an adjustable angle tom which is both 10” and there are 4 lugs each. There is a 16” bass drum and has 6 lugs and features a pro-like look. There are other features which are included which are: tilting cymbal stand along with the snare drum stand, brass cymbal , cymbal arm, drum sticks and the tuning key. This set allows the child to fully experience the music like the grownups helping in building his interest in the music.

This drum set is recommended for the kids from 3-8 years of age and it has the replacement parts which are available in the market. It is required to assemble the drum set but the instructions are very easy to follow and set up the drum set.

There are many functions in this TKO 99BLK review which are given below:

There is the 3 piece junior drum set. The size of the Bass Drum is 10” x 16” with the 6 Lugs. It has 6”x 10” Tom Tom with holder and has 4 Lugs. The Snare Drum with stand is of 4 Lugs. It has 10” Cymbal with stand with 4 Lugs. There is a Brass Drum Pedal. There is a JR Throne in the TKO. Drumsticks are provided with the drum set there is a drum key as well with the drum set.

The TKO 99BLK customer reports show that the variety of colors available in this drum set and the reasonable price of the drum set have provided this drum set with the positive responses.