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Tomy Gearation reviewsThere are thousands of toys that are specially designed for the sedentary kids, active kids or for boys and girls. The toys are erect for the kids who love to build small buildings and other different things. But there are few brands of the toys that transcended the entire taste of toying and set of Tomy Generation that set the international toy standards is one of them. Matching and mixing these tempting gears and then watching them spin in a variety of ways can easily enthrall the mind of any child. According to the different Tomy Gearation review it is quite clear that this set is comprised of eleven various sorts of crazy gears that turn, flip, whirl and spin with the spirals, funny faces, double gears and a lot of attractive sound effects.

Almost all the gears of this set are attached to the magnet to the tripod of 14×16 inches, which means there is no need of any kind of additional connector. There are innumerable creative combinations, all you have to do is to add the gear magnet with another and see if they will make match with each other. Try to move a gear to a different spot and see if it still moves. The kids of even three years old can also play with the Tomy Generation set because it is extremely easy to place the various gears of magnets and then try to make them work. It is a great set for the kids because it offers the problem solving play and it also enhances the creative skills and the experimentation power of the children.

Though, it is also true that the Tomy Generation set is not only for the very small kids but it also works well for the children of any age. The kids will love to watch the magnet gears go and their parents will also love it. In case, if your kid is too young to play with these magnet gears, then do not worry. Simply build an assembly and turn your Tomy Generation set on and then sit back and get ready for the adorable giggles.

If you take a look at the Tomy Generation customer reports then you will easily conclude that this set is appreciated by most of the users. Basically it comes with an easel and eleven magnetic gears. Its center gear magnet is battery operated that supply the power to other gears. The Tomy Generation set also has a speed button can be set to either slow or fast. The pieces of this set are very hard to lose, as everything is magnetized and attracted to each other. In short, the Generation set is an extraordinary toy set that keeps your kids busy and engaged with the creative and inferential things.