Your body is, basically, something you have to live with every single day. The previous statement is, of course, one that almost makes no sense at all. You are your body. Since ancient times, people have referred to the human as something that is built out of body and soul. The soul, well, is one thing that we may not know very much about – perhaps even nothing. But when it comes to the human body, we know everything about it, or at least we should.

Therefore, to increase the amount of knowledge you possess about your very own body, here are ten amazing facts about it.


  1. You don’t only blush on the outside

You are beautiful! In case you read this first sentence, you are now probably blushing and smiling at the same time. No need to be shy, don’t worry. But what you didn’t know is that your cheeks – or entire face if you are a serious blusher – are not the only ones that turn red because of some sort of emotion. The most unlikely part of your body blushes, too – and that is your stomach.

When you blush, most of the times because of some little embarrassment, your body starts releasing adrenaline. As a result, your blood vessels will dilate so that the oxygen delivery and blood flow are improved. This makes the veins in your face, as well as those in the stomach lining to receive more blood and therefore, turn red.

  1. Your heartbeats sync with what you listen to

Many times, you have found yourself in the situation when your heartbeats would follow the same rhythm that something you are listening to has. You can experience this many times, but the most common times it occurs and you could actually notice is is when we wake an and when we are at a concert. You might have felt your heart beating in the rhythm of your clock radio when the alarms rings – because you have just woke up and your senses are heightened.

That’s probably why, during concerts, besides the loud bass, you feel like your heart is pumping to the rhythm of the songs played.


  1. It is not nice to show your tongue to others

Well, that actually depends on the situation. But what is referred to here is the fact that your tongue is very much like your fingers. The print on your tongue is absolutely unique – as with your fingertips. So far, we don’t have any security system that uses your tongue pattern to get unlocked, but you may never know how technology evolves. Better keep your tongue inside your mouth then.


  1. You can move faster than a car – while staying still

It’s not actually your entire body that’s moving, so don’t count on this one if you want to reach your destination faster. It’s about your sneeze. Even though it is not a part of your body, it is your body that creates. And when you feel that tingling sensation in your nose and you are about to sneeze, the way your body does that manages to push out a sneeze with a speed of 160 km/h.


  1. It is over nine thousand!

Nope, that’s not about your power level – but about something that is equally powerful. Have you ever wondered why, when you were peacefully sitting in the recliner in the living room, you could smell what your mom was cooking, if the dog got dirty while outside and entered the house and who recently showered based on the odor of the shower gel?

You probably have, and that’s because the very nose you have in the center of your face is capable of recognizing about a trillion different scents!


  1. We might have a… protective aura

Well, we might not actually have that, but we do shine! Yup, you read that right. Your body emits a faint light, which sadly is too weak for the human eye to see. It’s true, that doesn’t mean anything related to magic – but it means we are bioluminescent, which is quite convenient, perhaps. We’ll see in the future how we can harness the power of the shine!


  1. That could be a real waste of time

There are plenty of studies out there that show how much of a thing someone does in their lifetime. You can find out, for example, how many times your heart beats in one’s life – which is more than three billion times.

But did you know that you spend around five years of your lifetime blinking? We’re all lucky that we don’t have to stop every couple of seconds to blink because that would be wasting time.

  1. We all hate pain, but it’s in our bodies

That doesn’t mean that pain originates from our bodies. It means that, because of the one hundred pain sensors that each and every 1 square centimeter of your body’s skin has, we feel it even with the slightest bite of the tiniest bug.


  1. Newton’s lucky apple trees don’t have branches made out of hair

Once again, there’s another statement that makes no sense – yet! We all know how the scientist named Newton came up with the laws of gravity – he got struck by a falling apple while resting under a tree.

If trees were not as they have always been, and instead they had strings of hair as branches, Newton wouldn’t have probably made the discoveries he did. Why? Because one string of hair from your head can support the weight of an apple. While scientifically proven, we’re left to guess on the size and weight the apple should have.


  1. We have a colorful life!

Indeed we have! Our eyes are capable of distinguishing as many as 10 million different colors. Luckily – for men that fear they’d have to remember every shade of purple there is in case they get sent to buy lipstick or nail polish by their girlfriends – it is not possible for us to remember each and every one of them.