If you think weird things can never happen to you or anyone close, then think again. Freaky accidents can take place at any moment, and sometimes you just need pure luck to get out of them without injuries.


Struck by lightning… twice

In 2013, Casey Wagner went through something that could have totally changed his life. While attending a rodeo in Saint Jo, Texas, a storm approached and the only solution he could think of, definitely not the smartest one, was to take shelter under a tree.

You can only imagine what happened next. A lightning struck and he saw sparks flying off the tree. Seconds later, another one came, sending electric current all through his body. Oddly enough, he was very lucky and sustained no major injuries.


The London Beer Flood

Although it may seem like everyone’s dream, a beer flood actually happened in London in 1814. A van containing an impressive amount of beer ruptured at the Meux and Company Brewery, causing other vats to break as well, in a domino effect.

In a matter of minutes, streets were swamped with beer, leading to casualties as well. In the end, it’s obvious that even if it involves beer, a flood never leads to anything good.

Getting a car all the way to the 2nd floor

If you think traffic is bad, then here’s an example of how things could be much worse, even on a Sunday morning. In Santa Ana, California, two people managed to run an airborne car into the second floor of an office building.

A white Nissan crossed three lanes and hit a center divider which sent it into the air, plowing into the two-story building. The good part is that the no one sustained any major injuries.


Fatal beauty

We all know how important beauty can be in the life of a young woman. Unfortunately, in some situations, this can prove to be also deadly. Born in 1733, Maria Coventry quickly rose to fame among the social elite for her good looks.

She married the 6th Earl of Coventry, becoming a Countess. Unfortunately, at the age of 27, Maria died of lead poisoning, because the makeup she heavily applied to highlight her beauty contained this substance.


Runaway tire fractures skull

You might be peacefully walking down the street when something unexpected hits you. That’s what happened to Roberto Carlos Fernandes in February 2017.  

The man was walking with his daughter in Ipatinga, Brazil, when a loose tire from a vehicle came speeding towards his head, face-planting him into the concrete. Although he suffered skull and chest fractures, he made a recovery.


Bell ringing is not safe

Although few people think about this, even at church one is exposed to bizarre accidents. At least, that’s what Ian Bowman can say after the Worcester Cathedral incident.

Ian, a bell ringer, was hoisted a couple of feet in the air when a rope went around his ankle and turned him upside down in seconds. He was eventually brought down, but with a fractured bone in his back.


Boston Molasses Flood

Inhabitants of Boston got a bit more sugar than they asked for in January 1919 when a large molasses tank collapsed. This resulted in a devastating wave of molasses rushing down the streets at an estimated 35 mph.

Unfortunately, this freaky accident also caused casualties and even today, during hot summer weather, people claim that the air smells like molasses.

Circuses are not the safest places

In 2014, eight acrobats performing a hair-hanging stunt in Providence, Rhode Island, had the surprise of their lives, and not the good kind.

The steel fastener that held the ring in place snapped, causing all of the acrobats to fall for a good 15 to 20 feet. Fortunately, even though some severe injuries were sustained, they all made it out of the situation alive and well.  


Aloha Airlines Flight 243

When you say “Aloha!” you think about exotic vacations, right? Well, in 1988, Aloha Airlines Flight 243 turned wrong when the airplane, a Boeing 737-297, was extensively damaged after an explosive decompression in flight.

The odd thing about it is that the airplane was able to land safely at Kahului Airport, in Maui. Passengers suffered injuries, and a flight attendant was killed, but the disaster could’ve been much greater.


Water can kill

Jennifer Strange from Sacramento, California died in 2007 because she drank too much water. Not knowing that it can be dangerous, she entered the “Hold Your Wee for a Wii” competition held by a local radio.

She drank nearly 2 gallons of water in a little over three hours, and a couple of hours later she died in her house. As they say, maintaining a healthy balance is always a good idea, no matter what the prize might be.