If you’ve ever been under the impression that the United States of America never owed anything to any countries, other than, let’s say, the value of a water flosser, you’ve been in the wrong. Money travel in the world both ways. Sure, there are many countries that owe a lot of it to the US, but the US isn’t really debt-free, either.

In today’s article, we’ll look at ten countries that are indebted to the United States. Note that we haven’t showcased them in any particular order, so do keep that in mind as you’re browsing through the states listed below.



One of the smallest countries in Europe is said to owe the United States as many as 87 million dollars. The irony of it all is that Luxembourg has a population of fewer than one million residents. However, much of the wealth of this country comes from outside its borders as it holds as many as $10.06 trillion in external assets.

So, the next time you take a trip to Europe and you’re visiting Luxembourg, too, you’d better know that it does have its debt, as well.



In spite of its beautiful sights and amazing cuisine, Mexico is considered a third-world country. That’s because it has high crime and most of the investments are bound to fail at some point or the other. Unfortunately, the social, economic, and political situation of this country has led it to have a debt to the United States amounting to 91 million dollars.

Given the stance of the current administration toward Mexico, that debt is probably going to have to get smaller soon.


As unexpected as it might be seeing how it is one of the richest and biggest economies of Europe, Germany owes the United States as many as 95 million dollars. That means that its debt is actually bigger than that of Mexico.

Let’s not forget that Germans are unique when it comes to paying their debt, though, since they had to pay damage of $6.17 trillion after World War I.



We’re moving on to significant numbers now since Japan seems to owe the US as many as 131 billion dollars.

Again, this might come as a surprise given that Japan has one of the most thriving economies on the planet. The country is well-known for manufacturing high-quality electronics and for recovering both from natural disasters and war quite effectively.



France makes the list, too, since it owes the United States as many as 146 billion dollars, but that’s not all. In total, the country has a debt of about 2.4 billion dollars to the United States, but 146 of those are approximately equal to its gross domestic product.



Although it owes the US a little more money compared to France, given that their debt is around $154 billion, the Netherlands are in a much better economic situation compared to their French-speaking counterparts.

The Dutch are well-known for their ability to pay off their debt with time, which is something they’ve been actually working toward in the past couple of years.



With its amazing sights, lush beaches, and warm people, you wouldn’t believe that Australia might be in a bit of an economical struggle, would you? The fact of the matter is that Australia owes the United States as many as 157 billion.

Unfortunately, many economists claim that Australia’s policies in this respect resemble a ticking bomb scenario because it effectively consumes more than it produces. And that’s not very likely to change in the near future.


Cayman Islands

Even though this little British territory has a population of around 50,000 people, the debt that it has amassed over the years to the United States is downright baffling. The Cayman Islands owe the US as many as 302 billion dollars, which means that they should be at the top of the list of states that owe the Americans a lot of money.

However, the Cayman Islands are an excellent tourist destination, and it’s also tax-exempt, so it definitely attracts a lot of transactions from both investors and various companies.

United Kingdom

Even though there’s a lot of business going down between the United States and the United Kingdom, the truth is that the latter is very indebted to the first. The British are known for being more or less incapable of handling their money, especially giving their health system, which again, resembles a ticking bomb.

Britain owes the US as many as 342 billion, so the next time you go and visit Big Ben and the Tower, you should know that this country is in debt to one of its former colonies.



Unfortunately, Canada owes the United States the most money at this time as many figures have suggested that the number is somewhere around 380 billion dollars. Again, the situation should balance out in the future given Canada’s excellent economy and its ability to pay the debt when needed.



Things have changed a lot in recent years and China now owes the most money to the United States, but the US also owes quite a lot of money to the Popular Republic, too. China’s holdings in total US debt is about $900 million.

We hope that you have enjoyed browsing through our selection of the countries that owe the most money to the United States. But don’t forget — things aren’t always what they seem. The US also owes the world a lot of money, so they go both ways.