Do you think the laws of the country you live in can be considered strange? Well, check out the list we compiled below and see how others are doing when it comes to rules.


In Thailand, it is illegal to step on money

As weird as it might sound, if you’re traveling to Thailand, then be aware it’s illegal to step on Thai currency, the Baht. The reason is simple – the King’s image is printed on the money.

Along the same lines, it’s illegal to badmouth the King or the Royal family. So beware, if you want to avoid spending some time in Thai prisons.


Singapore banned chewing gum

In 1992, Singapore decided it had enough with vandals that kept on sticking chewing gum everywhere and the solution was easy, as imports and sales were banned that year.

Since 2004, the ban was partially lifted and chewing gum can now be bought for medical purposes, provided that the buyer has a doctor’s prescription.


Chinese children must visit their parents

In 2013, China came up with a solution for the increasing number of elderly people abandoned by their children and younger relatives. A law was passed requiring children to visit their parents often and to attend to their spiritual needs.

Although there have been many questions on how this will be enforced and what the term “often” actually means, the law can also be regarded as an educational message to raise awareness on this matter.

No Polish potatoes in Britain

This strange law came into effect in 2004, when a significant outbreak of something called ring rot appeared in potatoes originating from Poland.

As a result, a law was issued ordering that “No person shall, in the course of business, import into England potatoes which he knows to be or has reasonable cause to suspect to be Polish potatoes.”


In Kentucky, you can’t marry the same man four times

Apparently, in Kentucky, setting limits on love was needed. If the third time you marry the same man is not a charm, then the state makes the decision for you and you cannot change your mind.

The question remains, who is that one woman who married the same man more than three times and led to this law being issued?


Don’t forget about your wife’s birthday in Samoa

For all of you husbands out there, beware, there’s a place where it’s actually illegal to forget about your wife’s birthday. Sure, this is considered an issue in most households, but in Samoa, you’ll get some time in jail to reflect on things you should always remember.

Therefore, ladies, next time you find yourselves in a similar situation, just remind your husbands that things could be a lot worse if you were to be living in Samoa.


In Honolulu, it is illegal to walk and text

Given the increasing number of people hit by cars while walking and texting, Honolulu became the first major city to put a stop to this. By issuing the Distracted Pedestrian Law, police can now fine those who are looking at an electronic device while crossing the road.

Of course, given the importance of smartphones in our everyday lives, such a law was bound to be issued. So if you’re thinking about going to Honolulu anytime soon, keep this in mind when crossing the street.

No high heels when visiting ancient Greek sites

We tend to believe ancient monuments are going to last forever, but this is not the case. In 2009, Greek experts pointed this out, when they banned wearing high-heeled shoes and stilettos on historical sites.

These monuments are affected when thousands of people walk across them every day, and special measures had to be taken. So keep this in mind for the next time you are going to plan your holiday outfits.


In Denmark, you must choose your baby’s name from an approved list

Parents in Denmark must obey The Law of Personal Names when choosing what they are going to call their newborn child. The list of approved names contains 18,000 options for girls and 15,000 for boys, as of January 2016.

To choose a name that is not on this list, parents have to make sure it indicates gender and it follows Danish orthography, in order to apply and have a chance to obtain the needed special approval.


Don’t show off your bikinis in Barcelona outside the beach area

We know vacationing can make you a little too relaxed sometimes, and you might think that going to the nearby bar in your swimming attire might not seem like such a big thing.

Well, if you’re in Barcelona and want to avoid getting a fine, then you’d better cover up or change out of your bathing suit if you’re going to leave the beach.