How much money is money worth? If you’ve ever asked yourself this question or you’d like to know what currencies are far more valuable compared to others, you’ve reached the perfect place. We did a little research on the topic and came up with a list of currencies that have the highest value this year.

Needless to say, this situation can change at any time. If there’s a financial crash about to happen, pretty much all currencies will suffer either one way or the other. We’ve written about other topics in the past, and one of them is the countries that are most indebted to the United States. Well, the truth is that money goes back and forth between all countries, so if one is in trouble, pretty much all of them are, to a certain extent.


1.Kuwaiti Dinar

It was a surprise for us, too, but the four most valuable currencies currently available have absolutely nothing in common with the Americas or Europe. The value of the Kuwaiti dinar comes from the fact that the country is one of the richest in oil out there.

Considering this, the economic stability is very high, which is also why the KWD has been at the top of the list for quite a while now. Every KWD is worth around 3.33 USD, and it’s around that figure because the numbers change from one day to the next.


2.Bahraini Dinar

The BHD is yet another valuable currency, especially since it is worth approximately 2.65 USD. A great portion of this country’s income comes from ‘black gold’ exports, so, just like Kuwait, it’s very rich in oil.

Even though the country has a population of a little more than one million people, its rate against the United States dollar has remained the same over the past fourteen years.

3.Omani Rial

An OMR is worth around 2.60 USD. Oman is a country located in the Arabian peninsula and its strategic location, as well as its richness makes it possible for its inhabitants to lead high-quality lifestyles.

The purchasing power of this particular currency is so great that the government had to emit half and quarter Rial banknotes (¼ Rial & ½ Rial).


4.Jordanian Dinar

Despite being somewhat less economically developed compared to the other three countries we’ve mentioned above, the Jordan Dinar is worth 1.41 US dollars, which means that it is the fourth most powerful world currency right now.


5.British Pound

Many people tend to think that the British Pound is the strongest currency in the world, but it is in no way comparable to the other four we’ve showcased already. The banknotes emitted by the Bank of England are several. There are different ones in Scotland, Northern Ireland, Manx, as well as other colonies.

Ironically enough, even though these bills are emitted by the Bank of England, you can’t always pay using these banknotes in the United Kingdom. From the information that we have gathered, 1 GBP is equal to 1.39 USD.  


6.Gibraltar Pound

The GIP is actually a pound emitted by the central British bank. It is now worth 1.32 United States dollars.


7.Caymanian Dollar

Again, this might be a surprise for people who know that the Cayman Islands have quite a bit of debt, especially to the United States. Nevertheless, the state’s economy works great because it is tax-exempt, so there are a lot of businesses in the area, and the beauty of the place makes it a popular tourist destination.


Needless to say, the Euro is a valuable currency because it encompasses the wealth of a good deal of countries, all of which are part of the European Union. A Euro is worth 1.24 USD, so it definitely makes the list of one of the strongest currencies in the world right now.

The Euro is the official currency of the eurozone, but there are only 19 countries from the 28 members that have adopted it. Countries like Austria, Germany, Ireland, the Netherlands, and Spain, but also many others make up the eurozone and add to the whole wealth of the European Union.  


9.Swiss Franc

The Swiss Franc needs almost no explanation for its value. Almost everyone in the world has heard that Switzerland is the country where you can hide your money safely, especially if you’re involved in some shady business activities.

The secretive financial system developed and made available by Switzerland makes its currency one of the most powerful in the world. A CHF is worth 1.06 US dollars.


10.United States Dollar

Even though it has depreciated over the past couple of years, the USD remains one of the most valuable currencies currently available. The most popular exchange rate is USD to Euro, and a USD is worth 0.86 Euros.

In spite of the consequences of the last financial crash, the United States of America have recovered quite spectacularly. One of the reasons the U.S. has remained one of the strongest financial powers of the world is that it has Silicon Valley.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this presentation of the top 10 currencies in the world right now. Next time you’re looking to gain a bit of money, do consider the exchange rates in your country. Keep in mind that the order of these currencies can always change, and that all countries are subject to market crashes once in a while.

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