Everyone knows that dogs are a man’s best friends, and these creatures are capable of great love and devotion for their human companions. However, looking after a pup also represents a great responsibility and should be treated accordingly.

You must be able to provide the best foods for your dog, as well as a stimulating environment, grooming products, toys and accessories, and a comfortable bed. Don’t forget that these furballs require plenty of your time and attention, too. If you want to adopt a new member for your family, perhaps you should read more about them below.


  1. Dog urine is corrosive

Taking your pet out for a walk ends inevitably in a potty break as well. However, you should be more careful where you let your dog wee. According to recent studies, dog urine can corrode metal due to its high acidity and the elements contained. In 2003, these animals were the ones blamed for various lamp-posts collapsing in Croatia.

Thus, we suggest you pay attention to your dog’s behavior whenever you are taking it out. It would be best to teach your pooch to relieve its bowels in open spaces, preferably on trees or on the grass and avoid contact with cars, lamp-posts or hydrants.



  1. Dogs can see in colors

Up until recently, it was a common myth that dogs have monochromacy, meaning that they only see in black and white. However, it was discovered that they can distinguish colors, just not as vividly as humans or other animals.

The science behind their vision lays in the fact that dogs have only two cones in their eyes that are used to detect colors, whereas their human counterparts have three. In other words, dogs cannot distinguish between the green and red colors but can see blue and yellow tones.

On the other hand, their night vision is significantly better than that of humans, which is also why they are such great night guards.


  1. It’s harder for pooches to get lost

We go to various scouts classes to learn how to guide ourselves in the woods and how to tell which direction is North. Perhaps having a dog with us in the wild would be much simpler as these creatures can see UV light and don’t even need a compass.

Dogs can sense the magnetic fields of Earth, meaning they can easily orientate and point towards the North. They are also believed to hear certain ultrasound frequencies that bats rely on to navigate in the dark.


  1. Dogs dream too!

Have you ever wondered about your pup’s funny behavior while sleeping? It turns out that, similar to humans, dogs also dream.

They have the same type of rapid eye movement (REM) and slow wave sleep (SWP). After dogs reach REM phase, they dream. You can easily spot a dog dreaming by watching its sleep behavior. Twitching, paw movement, and even the sounds it makes while sleeping are signs that your pet is actually dreaming!


  1. They can predict bad weather

Many animals, including dogs, are more sensitive to nature’s shifts and are actually able to predict certain phenomena such as earthquakes, storms, heavy rains or tornados.

Although further studies must be conducted, around 72% of dog owners are convinced their animals are able to detect storms, according to a Petside.com press poll.

So, if you happen to notice a sudden change in your pet’s behavior, such as running around, anxiety, barking for no apparent reason or even becoming aggressive, it may be a sign that a storm is coming your way soon.


  1. Pooches can smell disease

According to recent researches conducted by the Schillerhoehe Hospital in Germany, dogs may possess the ability to smell a range of chemical and organic compounds in the human body linked to diseases and medical conditions.

Scientists are eager to further expand their studies and researches in the field, but there are some promising results so far. It turns out that a dog’s strange behavior may also point to early stages of epileptic seizures, diabetes, and even cancer.



  1. They have a powerful sense of smell

Have you ever wondered why pooches get all crazy and excited around food? It’s not because they are hungry all the time but because their smell is up to 10,000 stronger than ours. A bowl of cookies or a delicious steak will make your pup drool for sure but could also affect its oral hygiene, so we suggest regular checkups and even a dental treatment with a water flosser.

Your pawed friend can even be trained to easily detect drugs, explosives, and other smells that might help save murders, kidnaps, and prevent potential terrorist attacks. And, when it comes to their owners, sleeping with a piece of cloth that has their smell could reduce anxiety, depression, and sadness.


  1.  They don’t feel guilty

Although your pet can experience a wide array of emotions from love to anger, sadness, and jealousy on other pets or members of the family, scientists believe that dogs can’t experience guilt. They may look ashamed of what they did, but guilt is not in their repertoire.

According to research in the field, those puppy eyes nobody can say no to aren’t a sign of guilt, but merely our interpretation of their behavior when they are being scolded.


  1. Your pet has the intelligence of a two-year-old child

Some of the reasons why pooches make great companions are because they can follow simple commands and can be trained to serve various purposes. Dogs can count to five and even solve easy mathematical equations. They can also recognize more than 250 words, although the average dog only knows around 165.

Some breeds like the Border Collie or Chaser are known for their intelligence and can recognize over 1000 words.


  1. They tend to sleep in their owner’s bed

This is also related to their strong smell and the fact that they always want to be close to their owners to feel loved and protected. According to a survey conducted in 2015, around 45% of these pets love sleeping in their owner’s bed.