Google stands for the most popular search engine in the world, an incredible success story, and a business model that must now be included in books. But are there funny things about Google that can draw a giggle or two? Definitely. So here are some of them!


Google was supposed to be called BackRub

What exactly could have made the creators of Google think that BackRub could have been an inspired name for their search engine, we may never be able to tell, but facts are facts. Brin and Page thought, at the beginning of their fantastic journey towards creating a multi-billion dollar business, that BackRub would be a catchy name.

We can say that we’re lucky that the name didn’t stick. Or we would have to ‘BackRub’ everything from pie recipes to instructions on how to tie a tie.


Google uses goats for mowing the lawn in front of their headquarters

It may sound like an unorthodox procedure, but Google is pretty much a trendsetter when it comes to the green initiative. The lawn stretching in front of the company headquarters is mown naturally by goats that are brought here with this particular motive in mind.

Some may argue that Google might have just found a way to cut costs with lawn mowing by employing animals instead of paying a lawn mowing company. But the truth is the results are positive. Not only are the goats pleased with how green the grass is on the Google side, but employees also say that they find it calming to look out the window and watch the animals.

The company offers some pretty sweet death benefits to surviving spouses

Another uncommon practice that Google wants to be a trendsetter for is how they deal with death benefits for their employees. Surviving your husband or wife if he or she was a Google employee will let you receive half of their salary for the next decade after their death.

Without trying to sound too gloomy, that might give Hollywood screenwriters a few ideas for some new thriller movies.


You’ll never go hungry if you work for Google

You can count on the fact that you will receive more than a laptop for college students to work with, once you become employed by the famous IT company, but there are so many other benefits to enjoy.

For instance, there is a rule that states that no office should be further than 150 feet from food of various kinds. That means that you can rest assured that you will never go hungry if fate is kind enough to you to help you land a job here.


They are dog lovers, not so much cat lovers

Provided that their dogs are properly potty trained, employees can bring their canine friends to work with them, but, unfortunately, cat lovers will have to leave their furry companions at home. It may not be because Google hates cats, but, with so many dogs around, office work would end up disturbed, and the employees distracted.


New employees are called Nooglers

Google employees are well used to being called Googlers, and if you think that sounds bad enough, wait until you hear how new employees are named. Nooglers may not be the most endearing term to describe someone who just landed their dream job, but seeing how many benefits they get, that is something anyone could live with.


Meet Stan, the T-Rex

What could be the symbol of Google in the animal kingdom? Don’t hurry to reply just yet, and take a good look at the huge thing they keep in their yard. The T-Rex representation is considered the company pet, and it even has a name. He is called Stan, and it is said that his primary role is to remind the employees to work hard so that Google never goes extinct.

A Lego server was the first for the company

Humble beginnings should not discourage anyone. Google proves it time and time again, primarily through its not so distant history. The first server was stored in a contraption made from Legos, and now it is showcased at the Stanford University, where it can be admired in all its glory.

It is quite clear that the company owners had no idea at that time that their enterprise will become a billion-dollar company, but this just goes to show that humble beginnings may just be a sign of greatness in the following years.


A mind-reading search engine? Just an April Fool’s joke!

The fact that Google now guesses what words you want to type in from the moment you touch the first keys on your keyboard is the result of a humongous work of aggregating all the searches performed daily by users.

However, that should not be interpreted as a mind-reading ability of the engine. The idea was appealing enough to the creators, so they made their first ever April Fool’s joke based on it. The so-called feature was named “MentalPlex,” and it was supposed to read users’ minds before typing in the search box anything. Some people might have not found this joke that funny!


You can use Google if you’re a Klingon

There is hardly a friendlier search engine than Google if we take after the fact that you can use Klingon to search for kindred souls. In case we ever get in touch with such a civilization, we can at least be sure that we made an effort to prove to Klingons that we are a peace-loving species.

Seeing that they can use our most popular search engine in their native tongue, that should count for something. Until we meet the first Klingons, at least we can rest assured that such aliens will be able to find an Uber or a restaurant by using the most popular search engine on our planet.