The Indian culture is fascinating; it holds unbelievable secrets. Let’s see the most interesting 10 facts about this colorful country!


Taj Mahal is one of the most appreciated symbols of love

Taj Mahal is one of India’s symbols and one of the most impressive architectural monuments in the world. It was built by the emperor Shah Jahan to serve as a tomb for one of his wives, Mumtaz Mahal.

The princess died giving birth to their 14th child, so Taj Mahal became a symbol of love. The impressive mausoleum is made of white marble and in 1983 was included on UNESCO’s list of World Heritage Sites. Millions of tourists visit it every year.


India could have a larger population than China by 2022

China and India are countries that have been affected by many social and geopolitical problems, but their population still hasn’t decreased.

Despite the fact that many Indians face poverty and live in hard conditions, the natural growth rate is always positive. Lately, China seems to have lost its course and statistics say that if they don’t take urgent measures, India could have a larger population by 2022. In any case, predictions are not good, as the natural resources are fewer every day.


In India, most people can speak more than one language

India is a land that hosts many different people from diverse cultures. Even if it is modernizing with great speed, the country is not giving up on its traditions. Everybody speaks Hindi and some dialects, but the surprising fact is that here, most natives are multilingual and this is no surprise, because they are surrounded by tourists every day.

Also, their educational system has improved over the years and now Indians can be found in prestigious universities and colleges from around the world. Experts say that 415 languages are spoken all over India.

India was an Islamic State

Indians are very fond of their traditions, history and religion. Over many centuries, they have fought to protect their beliefs and free themselves from the Islamic influence.

Their efforts paid off when they realized that all people are the same; it doesn’t matter what skin color, religion or social status they have. Now, India is a free country that lives by its’ own rules and religion. They decided to be friends with people of other religions that live in their country and still respect their neighbor’s borders.


In India, the number of road deaths is bigger than in any other country

The large population and small, crowded roads lead to many road accidents. Statistics say that here, casualties occur more often than in other countries. The authorities could prevent this by modernizing the infrastructure.

New, improved ways of traveling and going to their daily activities would make citizens’ life a lot easier. If there is no way to avoid heavy traffic, people are asking the Government to avoid road accidents as much as possible.


Indians love mango; the country is the biggest producer and consumer in the world

Indians are famous for many things, but maybe not many people know that they are the most important mango producer and consumer in the world. It’s like their national fruit and everybody knows everything about this tasty product.

We mentioned that their population is numerous and everybody eats mangoes in India due to the abundance of trees that can be found on their territory. We should also say that they are the first in the world for growing it in special farms and distributing it around the world.


When it comes to breaking records, India is at the top of the chart

Indians have shown their skills and native talents for centuries, although their geopolitical and economic situation was sometimes an impediment to fulfilling their dreams. Over the years, many inventors, sportsmen, computer geniuses, smartphone developers and others have made India proud to be their home.

Some natives have shocked the world with the innovative ”toys” offered to their children: cobra snakes. By this, they showed the importance of teaching your child to fear nothing and learn to defy his or her limits. Now, India is on the 3rd place in the chart of countries that broke records.

The first rocket from India was transported on a bicycle

There’s no doubt that Indians are very creative; this is why they contributed to the society’s development in so many ways and put the country at the top of the list with the highest number of broken records. One of the craziest things ever made is that they brought and transported India’s first rocket on a bicycle.

Of course, the operation was very risky, but fortunately, no tragedy happened and they could safely launch the projectile. 12 years later, another 350 rockets were successfully launched.


Gange, the ”Holy River”, hosts a shark species

Gange has a powerful spiritual meaning for Indians. It is considered a ”Holy River” and people come to bathe in it every time they feel the need to clean their body and soul of evil spirits or sins.

Purifying purpose aside, locals and tourists who step in the Gange should be very careful because they can be bitten by snakes, poisonous insects and even a shark species. Nobody is expecting to feel in danger while in the river’s water and so far, nobody has complained about the ”little monsters”.


A floating post office

Let’s not forget that India holds the wettest inhabited place in the world. Mawsynram is a village situated on the Khasi Hills, Meghalaya.

This place establishes a record every year – it receives the highest level of rainfall recorded in the world and under these circumstances, a floating post office is more than welcomed. The villagers from Mawsynram haven’t thought about that yet. Maybe they will follow the example of their co-nationals from Dal Lake, Srinagar who inaugurated this kind of post office in August 2011.