The word “money” dates as back as we can remember. When we think about it, we imagine us working, having fun or spending our time with our family and friends. Or, on the contrary, we imagine us being sad and disappointed because of lacking money.

We deal with money every single day of our lives. We pay for food, we pay for our houses, we pay for our pets. We cannot imagine how we would live if we had no money. Some of us use credit cards, others prefer cash.

However, do we really know what we are dealing with? There are so many facts about money that people do not know! Get to know the contents of your wallet better with these 10 interesting facts.


  1. How?

People use pennies every day. But has anyone ever wondered how much it costs to produce a penny? 2.4 cents – that much. Pretty interesting, isn’t it?


  1. Perfection?

Did you know that, in most cases, counterfeit dollars have been detected not because they were badly made, but exactly on the contrary – because they were too good, almost perfect? North Korea is the country which produces “superdollars”, since its counterfeit of U.S. dollars is perfect.

  1. Credit cards?

Would you believe us if we told you that the first credit card was invented by Frank McNamara after a night spent with his friends, because he had forgotten his wallet at home? Unbelievable, but this is the truth.

Now, there are more credit cards than Americans. Not all Americans use them, but there may be people which have 2 or even more of them, since it may be more convenient to keep credit cards than to keep the cash. Iceland is the country in which 70% of the customers use credit cards.


  1. Seashells and tea bricks

What would it be like if you knew that you can use something else than money as currency? Believe it or not, in many countries seashells were a common form of currency. You can keep them if you find some on the beach. You never know, maybe someday they can be used again!

More than that, what do you think could be used as currency besides seashells? Tea bricks! But they were used like that only in Siberia and Asia until World War II. Imagine buying a laptop for college students or even a house for tea bricks or seashells! Sounds impossible, but we are allowed to dream, aren’t we?


  1. Poor or wealthy?

Think about how much money you have or how much you earn. Now calculate how many years it would take you to spend all your money if you buy something for $1 million every day. Well, it would take Bill Gates just 218 years. Moreover, if he gave $10 to every human being he would still have $3 billion left.

Pablo Escobar was so rich that he could afford to give $1 billion to rats to eat it and it wouldn’t mean anything. It actually happened, this is not just a hypothesis – rats ate almost $1 billion of Escobar’s cash each year.

However, even if you are not as wealthy as Bill Gates or Pablo Escobar, you are still wealthier than a quarter of Americans if you have 10 dollars in your pocket. So, you can be happy about that!


  1. Play Monopoly!

Do you know Monopoly? Of course, you do. We have all played it with our friends. Do you remember the money you used to play with? Well, do you want to be rich? Do you want to have all the bills in the world? Play Monopoly!

There is more “Monopoly cash” in the world than there is real cash. Maybe someday we will be able to pay with Monopoly money, just imagine! We could buy anything! Until then, we can just dream of it.

  1. Money and relationships

It is clear that, nowadays, money greatly influences the relationships between people.

There have been researches that demonstrated that a man whose wife earns more money than him, may suffer from anxiety and even erectile dysfunction. This is because he loses his masculinity and may even have an affair in order to regain it. It has also been stated that couples who argue about money may split up, since this is the main factor that generates divorces.

On top of everything, it has been shown that, on the one hand, if a man has more money, his partner enjoys sex more. On the other hand, millionaires won’t stick just to one partner, since sex with more partners may be more interesting and satisfying.


  1. Money is dirtier than a toilet

If you think that public toilets are dirty, we can tell you they are not. Money is dirtier. Can you believe that a bill may carry a virus for up to 15 days? More than that, it may carry traces of cocaine. So, please just wash your hands after touching a dollar — it may save your life.


  1. Piggy banks

Do you remember those piggy banks you received from your parents when you were little? All of us had such a thing, and some of us still use it. If you have ever wondered where the idea of “piggy banks” comes from, we have the answer.

The word “pygg” comes from Old English and back in the day, it represented a clay out of which jars and dishes were produced. People held money in these. Then, over the years, “piggy banks” were invented. Now you know the story of the piggy which keeps your money safe.  


  1. Companies and money

Have you ever wondered how much money companies earn? Well, we can tell you about some of them. McDonald’s – $75 million per day. Apple – $300,000 per minute. Can you even imagine that in 2015 Apple costed more than a country like Switzerland or Sweden?

Now, you can definitely say that you know more about the cash in your wallet and about the secrets it hides.