When it comes to money and finances, you can’t just know everything. There is always something new out there, waiting to be discovered and researched. New marketing strategies are created every day and the young investor or financial analyst must be up to date in regard to the latest buzz.

Therefore, one can’t rely only on what the data says – this is why we have financial magazines to give all of us the information we require. In such magazines, one can find everything from the latest news to statistics that are needed for those that work in the financial field.

Today, we will present you ten of the best financial magazines in the world in which you’ll be able to find all of the things you need to know to be kept up to date with what’s going on around the world – you might even come across some of the best ideas for Christmas gifts for women, as they can help you manage your finances better.



Naturally, we don’t even have to say too much about Forbes, as it is one of the best-known and reputed magazines that can be found. Almost everywhere you go on the web you can find links that redirect you to studies and statistics that are provided by this magazine.

Specialized in finance and business, one can be sure that, when accessing and reading Forbes, he or she will be able to find important news and information about the matters they’re interested in.



You’ve probably heard of the famous Fortune 500 by now – it is a list made by this magazine that offers insight and information about the most powerful companies throughout the world. Naturally, if you like to dabble with the world of finances, you definitely want to know more about the companies that are in the lead.

The Fortune magazine is worth reading and trustworthy, as it is considered one of the most reputed and respected business magazines out there. If you’re looking for business news, you can find them here!


Kiplinger’s Personal Finance

Now, you clearly want to see and read business news from around the world, but you might also want to get your hands on some tips and advice as well. If that’s the case, we’ve got you covered, by recommending you the Kiplinger’s Personal Finance Magazine.

Within this magazine, you will be able to find advice and tips on financial decisions, investments, and on everything that’s related to finance. You’ll learn a thing or two about managing money if you decide to give this one a read.



Once more, if you are in need of financial advice, then this is another magazine that might help you – and even more than you know it. Moneywise is rated as the best personal finance magazine in the UK and offers its readers insight on the most common issues one may face.

Moreover, the magazine doesn’t limit itself to only giving you advice – you will be presented with a certain tip/advice, after which it will be broken down, so that you can properly understand how a certain matter works.



If you read the Money magazine, you will be able to learn everything you need to know about money – obviously – and how to properly manage your income. It doesn’t matter what your monthly wage is, here you will find helpful advice that everyone can use in their lives.

Reportedly, the advice that this magazine gives is entirely driven by analytics, and thus procedural – meaning that you get a piece of advice resulted from mathematical predictions that are most likely to come true.


Inventor’s Business Daily

Of course, if you are interested in finance, you will clearly love any piece of information about market fluctuations that comes your way. If you are about to make an investment or give your business a try, then you might want to give Inventor’s Business Daily a read.

This magazine offers its readers details about the buy/sell ratings in terms of individual securities, as well as vital information about both of the index’s movements.



Ideas in the finance world are one thing, but being up to date with everything that’s related to technology and business, as well, is something else. While reading the Inc. magazine, you will come across multiple personality profiles that will offer you insight on the market’s movement and much more.

Of course, here you will find the best of both worlds – all you need to know about a business and how to sustain it and everything about tech startups.


Consumer Reports

This magazine is not necessarily one that gives you details about the financial world; however, it provides you with much-needed information in terms of managing your finances.

Consumer Reports contains reviews of various products, including investment products and the fees associated to those. These reviews are mostly based on actual experience and are very detailed – moreover, the magazine is so dedicated to the reviews that it does not display any advertising.

Bloomberg BusinessWeek

As most of us probably know, politics does have a certain influence on the fields of business and finance. Therefore, this magazine is here to show you how these are connected and how they can influence an investment or a business.

If you care about politics and about how its movements could influence your decisions, you’ll clearly find the advice you need by reading Bloomberg BusinessWeek.


The Economist

Judging by this magazine’s name, you can be sure it is helpful – moreover, it is considered to be one of the best-reputed magazines that offer insight on the global economy.

With the wide analysis of economy that The Economist offers you, you will soon learn much more about geopolitics and how this matter influences economy throughout the world.

Reportedly, the articles are well researched and written, therefore being a bit difficult to understand and assimilate – but there’s no doubt that the information this magazine can provide you with is top notch.