If you want to relax and watch a funny movie after a long day at work, here’s a list with 10 of the funniest movies available on Netflix! You can see them with friends or family.



”Ghostbusters” is an ”old, but gold” movie. It was made in 1984 and, since then, it had great success on entire generations of viewers. Although you believe in ghosts or not, this comedy will make you enjoy every moment of the fight between occult forces and their courageous ”busters.”

The story begins when some funny scientists discover that ghosts are real and decide to start a business that sends these scary visitors back to their world. The audience is impressed by the team’s unity and the passion they put into their work. Also, the movie’s special effects amaze spectators even today.


”Hot Fuzz”

”Hot Fuzz” combines hilarious moments specific to a parody with exciting scenes typical for an action movie. It tells the story of Nicholas Angel, a policeman from London who was forced to accept a position in a countryside area, Sanford.

Soon, Angel realizes that the accidents happening all over the village are not random; behind stands the work of people who think they can maintain a different lifestyle. If you are a fan of both action and comedy movies, you will love the director’s way of presenting the situation.


”I Love You, Man!”

The movie, released in 2009, is a romantic comedy that tells a story about the strange ways of love and friendship. Zoe and Peter want to get married, but soon their relationship is threatened by Sydney, Peter’s new best friend.

The two men have opposite personalities, and everybody is wondering what made them become friends. After many funny situations, Zoe and Peter get married, and at their wedding, Peter understands his friend’s real intentions.

Comedy fans will love this movie because it has all the ingredients to capture the viewer’s attention.

”Wedding Crashers”

This hilarious movie is another romantic comedy you simply have to watch with your partner. It tells the story of two friends who end up being victims of their lifestyle.

The two main characters, played by Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn, are professional wedding crashers; they go to these events uninvited just to pick up women.

Everything goes smoothly for a while until they fall in love and their lives have to change if they want to keep their partners. Watch this movie and see what they will choose!


”13 Going on 30”

”13 Going on 30” is another comedy about traveling back in time, but this movie has something special, unlike the films with the same subject made back in the 80s.

Now, the story focuses on a girl who only wants to be popular and doesn’t care about anyone else. After several adventures, the teenager wishes to be 30, and her wish is granted, but how will her friends and crush recognize her now?

The movie was launched in 2009, and the main character is played by Jennifer Garner. In fact, this is her first big film.


”Bridget Jones’s Diary”

”Bridget Jones’s Diary” is one of Renee Zellweger’s most successful movies. It was released in 2001 and has all the ingredients necessary for being considered one of the best romantic comedies.

Next to Renee’s amazing role play, we notice the acting of two charming men, Hugh Grant and Colin Firth. Also, the subject is so common, that many viewers will find themselves in Bridget’s story. Maybe you won’t start a diary after watching this film, but you begin to wonder if you should.


”Forgetting Sarah Marshall”

”Forgetting Sarah Marshall” is a story about how you can get over a terrible breakup in a funny way. The movie was released in 2008 and features the adventures of Peter, a man who breaks up with his girlfriend and goes on a vacation to cry and forget about her.

On the way, he discovers that life is not so bad after someone is out of your life, because that empty place can be filled by someone else. Since it is a romantic comedy, Peter’s journey is full of hilarious situations.

”Frances Ha”

This movie was directed by Noah Baumbach and released in 2012. It is considered to be the director’s best; it focuses on highlighting his character and as a filmmaker flaws without letting humor aside.

Viewers who choose it will be thrilled because they will spend some time watching a story full of love, funny moments and melancholy. ”Frances Ha” is a story about life and how you can live it to be happy and pleased with yourself.


”Men in Black”

”Men in Black” is another classic comedy that combines hilarious moments with a little bit of action and side effects. It couldn’t be otherwise because the main characters are played by Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones.

The movie was launched in 1997, and it had great success among alien movie fans. Its’ creators thought about an unusual story with creatures from outer space: they made them funny, instead of scary.

In this film, Jones and Smith are working for a secret agency and protect the Earth from alien invasions.


”Ocean’s Eleven”

If we were to look at the names who appear in this movie, we could say, without a doubt, that it is an exceptional film. Actors like George Clooney, Brad Pitt, Julia Roberts, Matt Damon, Andy Garcia and others have given life to the characters from one of the most remarkable comedies.

The idea is simple: a group of men wants to rob a casino in Las Vegas and, as a result, they get through a lot of hilarious situations. The comedy gives the audience the possibility to see some of the mentioned actors playing unique roles.