What better way to finish an exhausting day at work if not coming home to a delicious cooked meal, a glass of wine, and your favorite TV show? In the past few years, there has been an explosion of TV shows, meaning that most people prefer getting attached to certain characters and watching them evolve throughout a series.

So, next time you’re looking for a chill night with your best friends or family members, connect your fancy home theater receiver to your TV and enjoy one of these funny shows.



This American television sitcom first aired in 1994 and lasted ten seasons, until 2004. It is definitely one of the most popular TV shows in the world, and it changed the career of the main characters, turning them into worldwide superstars.

The show tells the story of six friends living in Manhattan, starring Jennifer Aniston, Lisa Kudrow, Courteney Cox, Matthew Perry, Matt LeBlanc, and David Schwimmer. It was estimated that the show’s grand finale from 2004 was watched by over 52 million people in the United States alone, making “Friends” one of the most-watched shows in the history of television.


  1. Joey

Although this Friends spin-off only lasted two seasons, we still consider it is a great show to watch. It follows the story of Joey Tribbiani, the beloved character from Friends, who moves to Hollywood in an attempt to make it as an actor.

In his journey, he is accompanied by his sister and smart nephew, as well as his agent, Bobbie. The character of Joey is portrayed as dim-witted, loyal, and caring but he’s also a womanizer and a food lover, much like all other Italians.

  1. Modern Family

The show first aired on ABC in 2009 and it continues to be a very popular one. It already won five Emmy Awards and a Golden Globe Award.

It is more seen as a “mockumentary family sitcom” as it portrays the life and stories of a highly dysfunctional American family. All the characters live in the suburbs of Los Angeles and have complicated relationships and lives.

Jay Pritchett is played by Ed O’Neill, the famous actor of another great comedy show, “Married with Children.” He is accompanied by his second wife, Gloria Pritchett played by bombshell Sofia Vergara. Other members of the family include the couple’s son, Jay Pritchett’s stepson, as well as his two adult children and their families.


  1. Two and a Half Men

This American sitcom aired on CBS for twelve full seasons, between 2003 and 2015. The show tells the story of a hedonistic and womanizer writer, Charlie Harper, his absolute opposite and uptight brother Alan, and Alan’s son, Jake.

They all live in Charlie’s Malibu house and are accompanied by Berta, the family’s maid, and Evelyn Harper, the mother of the two brothers.

The show was very successful and controversial, mainly because of the main character’s constant battling with substance abuse, alcohol addiction, and sex addiction. However, due to his tumultuous life off-screen, Sheen’s character was killed off from the show and replaced with another one played by actor Ashton Kutcher.


  1. Married With Children

If you were born before 2000, chances are you are familiar with this show from the 1990s, Married With Children. Starring Ed O’Neill and Katey Sagal, it is about the adventures of an average shoe seller, Ed Bundy, and his wacky family.

The comedy aired on Fox for 11 seasons, from 1987 to 1997. The once-glorious high school football player Ed Bundy is now married to obnoxious housewife Peggy. They have two children – attractive, promiscuous, and dumb daughter, Kelly, and her wisecracking brother, Bud.

In their journey to finally change their luck and become rich, the Bundy family is followed by their uptight neighbors, Marcy and Steve.


  1. The Big Bang Theory

This American television sitcom first aired on CBS in 2007 and has gathered worldwide recognition ever since. The show’s 12th season is scheduled for September 2019.

It initially centered on the lives of five characters living in Pasadena, California but former recurring characters have been promoted to starring roles later on.

Produced by Warner Bros, the first two seasons of the show received mixed reviews from the critics, but its popularity grew steadily. Some of the leading characters include Leonard Hofstadter and Jim Parsons, two passionate physicists, and Howard Wolowitz, an aerospace engineer.


  1. How I Met Your Mother

Join Ted Mosby, the main character of the series as he depicts the stories of his youth that eventually led to him knowing his kids’ mother. Each episode tells a different adventure between him and his other friends, Marshall, Lily, Robin, Barney, and Lily.

The show stars A-list Hollywood actors like Alyson Hannigan, Neil Patrick Harris as the legendary Barney, and Jason Segel as Marshall.

The story jumps back and forth in Ted’s attempt to recreate his youth years and finally tell the story of how he met his wife, the mother of his children.

  1. M*A*S*H

Prepare your home movie projector for some endless nights of fun with one of the most popular comedy shows of the 1970s. The comedy-drama television series aired from 1972 to 1983 on CBS.

The show revolves around the life of US Mobile Army Surgical Hospital personnel in the Korean War, back in the 1950s. Each episode lasts approximately 25 minutes and it was described more as a “dramedy”, an excellent combination of drama and comedy.

The main characters include Hawkeye Pierce, the captain and the chief surgeon of MASH, as well as Margaret “Hot Lips” Houlihan, major, and Sherman Potter, colonel.


  1. Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

Whoever said that a romantic musical and comedy wouldn’t last in the eyes of the public for more than a few episodes, clearly hasn’t watched the outstanding performance of Rachel Bloom, the leading actress.

The show tells the story of Rebecca Bunch, a highly educated real-estate lawyer who decides to quit her New York career to move to a little town in California, West Covina, to get together with her former junior high beau, Josh.

Bunch is a fine mixture of an educated and fierce lawyer in her professional life and a total mess with delusional episodes and depression in her personal life.


  1. You’re The Worst

Our last TV show on the list explores the life of two selfish, self-centered young adults, Jimmy and Gretchen. Jimmy is a published writer looking to score his new gig in the literature world, while Gretchen is a self-absorbed and self-destructive young PR executive.

They both start a dysfunctional relationship that talks about compromises, personal space, drama, substance abuse, fear of commitment, and depression. In their journey to adulthood and responsibilities, they are backed up by friends Lindsay and Edgar.